Literotica is definitely the most popular free sex stories site in 2020. If you are into erotic stories, Literotica is a real alternative next to Amazon's erotic books section. In one of our previous article we collected several 2020 free steamy romances from Amazon.
In the following list we managed to collect the best stories from the site, based on users' ratings and on quality.

To show you there is more than just erotica on Literotica, the first two short stories will be crime stories.

The Soronity, by CaffeineFetish

Homicide detective Chase Kramner is on a long-shot hunt for the killer of two people. He and his superior Sergeant Leonard Sweeney are looking for Edward Taylor, the man responsible for the murders. The two of them head to the subway station where Taylor is believed to have taken his victims. They search the area for any sign of Taylor, but all they see is an ocean of bodies of different heights creating a mirage of waves crashing into each other. The pair finally find Taylor at the station and head back to the lab to continue their investigation.

The Irishman at the End of the Bar, by CaffeineFetish

The dead body of Willow Goldberg was found on the roof of an eight-story condominium complex. No injuries on her body.

A student Daphne Mason appears to be in her desk open with a laptop. Willow's license said she lived in the suburbs, but she could have in fact lived in her building. Willow very likely lived with her parents when that license was issued to her. Sergeant Hill is a dedicated and decorated officer and has been for the last seven years. She even took the detectives exam a few days ago and the precinct is eager for the results. Some of the more senior guys tell me she reminds them of Jill when she was in uniform.

And now let's see those sex stories.

Caroline's Solution, by Cockhole

Anal Sex

Caroline Eriksson had the best cubicle on the entire floor at the office. The back of her cubicle was a shared wall that backed up to the breakroom. From her place, she could hear even the quietest of conversations with only minimal effort. Caroline suffered from vulvodynia; a chronic condition that makes intercourse painful for women. For Caroline, this meant that she did not enjoy sex due to the pain that she experienced anytime a man tried to enter her vagina.

Reacquainted, by Quince

BDSM Erotica

Jennifer Sutcliff, nee Ludlow, stopped in front of Has Bean's coffee shop. She pushed open the door forcefully; too forcefully. It wracked against a six-foot potted ficus just inside the shop, and a string of carriage bells attached to the push-bar on the other side of the door jangled angrily. Jennifer Ludlow sat down in the other chair. The other woman sat down next to her.

Jen and Magnolia Sutter had attended the same high school for two years. Magnolia had been a gifted sculptor, and spent much of her free time in the arts studio, fashioned from a converted rectory at the edge of the school's property. Jen and all her friends had hung out in the choir room in the basement of the science building, under the indulgent eye, and critical ear, of Sister Siobhan. Jen's father, a colonel in the Air Force, had been transferred to a training facility during the summer after her sophomore year.

Gamer Goddess, by Tx Tall Tales

Group Sex Erotica

The game had been out for over three weeks already. Playing Beta had helped him get off to a rocking start, but people were catching up. I was the only person I knew with the upgraded staff needed for Whimsey Inferno. It still kicked my ass. . .

The story is about a gamer community, who are just trying out a new video game, but they are youngsters after all and the gaming turns out something else.

Two Hundred Dollars, by Xtorch


Kent had just about filled his low-rent, low budget basement apartment and had started re-organizing things. He saw his housemate Bailey in pass by his door, hauling a box of her stuff to her room down the hallway to the right. “Hey, Kent,” she gasped as she lugged a large box. “Need help?” he asked. “Naw, my dad's here,” she replied. “You know you still me owe me two hundred bucks from last semester, right? ” he asked, keeping his voice low. “I only have twenty bucks until I get my next grant,”. . .

Harp Un-strung, by Sammael Bard

First time Erotica

Michael is an anti-social, best left alone to his own misery, he lives alone in a two-storey house. Loneliness and depression are his daily companions. He is a rare phenomenon, but he lives through it, one day at a time.

Michael meets up with his cousin Daniel for the first time since he was kicked out of his previous school. Daniel is the valedictorian of his class and has already earned scholarships to reputed Colleges up North. He introduces Michael to his friends, who are a group of social misfits. The new guy gets a few stares as some pinpoint him as the new guy, but he takes an instant liking to their easy air. “Welcome to the jungle, Mike,” one of the boys says. “Roger that,”


If you start browsing on Literotica you could easily lost in stories. I hope our shortlist would be a good help to you readers. If you are looking for further erotic stories browse our lists.