Loving Myself by Starr Nymph


A personal message from the author:

I wrote this novelette in hopes to reach anyone suffering from suicidal thoughts, depression, and any type of negativity. I have had these feelings for so long and all I want is for others to know that you’re not alone. You’re not the only one suffering from mental illness. It’s really difficult, but it can be easier if we can speak to each other about our struggles and create a safe environment to share our thoughts no matter how angry, sad, depressing, or unrealistic they are.

— Starr Nymph

Starr has been feeling lonely, lost and hopeless for quite some time. She feels as though she cannot go on in life, so she devises a plan to end her life while on a vacation to the beautiful, tropical island of Tyrio. In a turn of events and a twist of fate, a handsome lifeguard named Imei rescues her and they fall in love. To further complicate her newly found happiness, she also develops an attraction to a seductive, young woman named Amoura. Can she find balance between love and passion with her two new island lovers, while also embarking on a journey of self-discovery? Or is it all too good to be true?