One of the best genres you will ever encounter while reading is romance books. It’s even better if you get to have some extra “fun” while reading those. I mean, why is it really a problem in 2020 to have some excitement within the lines. If you are planning to explore the R-rated scenes of the romance world, then you’re in luck! In this article, you will find the best free steamy novels (free on Amazon) that are perfect jumpstarts for your adventure to a whole new sexy world.

We collected ten titles available for instant read through Amazon Kindle for free. Now let's see the list:

An Affair In Winter, by Jess Michaels

What happens when a widow gets trapped in an inn with an extremely attractive stranger? In the case of Rosalinde Wilde, we know exactly how things are going to turn out. As she spends a passionate night with Grayson Danford, they both get to please each other, distracting them from the problems that they are currently facing. Of course, things get even wilder when Grayson finds out that Rosalinde is the sister of her brother’s fiance, which in this scenario, is a wedding that he broke up.

How will their story turn out? Will they face each other as rivals in an impending trial, or will they be able to carry out their newfound love for each other’s bodies?

Naughty Boss, by Whitney G.

Mya has had enough of her boss’ demands and other nonsense. But when she accidentally sent him an email saying a lot of bad things about him, things started to take a huge turn. What makes this story more interesting is that she’s been having a lot of fantasies about Michael, and now he’s standing outside her office. What will go down as soon as “the boss” enters the room? Find out in this amazing read from Whitney G!

The Pool Boy, by Penny Wylder

Usually, people love fantasizing about the pool boys, right? Well, in this case, it’s the other way around. Whenever Vera starts to walk around in bikinis, you know that things are about to go down. Will this man be able to carry out his extreme fantasies? Read on and find out!

Alexa: Steamy Contemporary Romance, by Ellie Masters

Alexandria Black is something else when it comes to the workplace. As she takes Daniel Greyson (Chief of Surgery) into bed, her cravings intensify, and she wants to take it to the next level. However, Dr. Greyson is not ready for that, and Alexa is up for the challenge. Will she be able to seduce Dr. Greyson into her world of bondage and crazy toys? Read this book to find out!

The Navy SEAL’s E-mail Order Bride, by Cora Seton

The life of a Navy SEAL is not an easy one, especially with all the difficult missions and assignments. For Mason Hall, no task is hard enough, until he and his brothers are faced with the serious dilemma of finding a bride to keep the family’s ranch. Thankfully, Regan Anderson has been looking for the right one as well, but when she gets together with Mason after their online connection, things start to get intense. Now, Mason’s mission is in their hands, and they must work together to resolve everything.

The Duelist’s Seduction, by Lauren Smith

As Helen Banks’ brother strikes up a gamble that he eventually loses, she is now burdened with the responsibility of facing a deadly duel against the man her brother betrayed. Unlucky for her, she’s going up against Gareth Fairfax, a man who lost his wife and is filled with a deep darkness. As soon as Gareth finds out he’s dueling Helen, he strikes up a deal – either she becomes his mistress, or her brother dies. Will Helen be able to manage this situation well, or will her brother suffer a terrible fate?

Marshal in Petticoats, by Paty Jager

When Darcy Duncan suddenly becomes the town marshal after an accidental shootout, her life suddenly changes. She can now provide more for her younger brother, and the only thing standing in her way is her hatred for the corrupt mayor. One day, Gil Halsey comes into town, looking for an outlaw that also happens to be his boss’ son. Gil and Darcy then team up to fight injustice in the town of Galena, only to figure out that they have been fighting another thing that’s brewing between them.

Shameless, by Lexy Timms

Dylan Hill is one of the most humble country boys you will ever find out there. However, as he decides to visit his long term girlfriend in New York, he is surprised at the sight of her, naked and within the embrace of another man. Now, he is devastated and in the mood for revenge. Luckily, Bailey O’Brien happens to be in the same place he was standing on, and she is about to strike him the most daring deal he’s been offered in his life.

Rough and Tender, by S. K. McClafferty

As Eben St. Claire is wandering around the wilderness, he finds a dying man who is in need of immediate help. After he helps the man, they strike up a bargain that involves Eben helping and protecting this man’s daughter. Eben agrees, only to find out that the daughter is not a child after all. Now, Eben struggles to keep his feelings for the beautiful woman he is protecting, only to face a series of events that will either make him thankful or regretful.

His Topaz, by Maggie Chase and Sarah M. Anderson

Matthew Hawkins has felt so alone ever since his wife passed away. Since he has always felt this way, he finally decided to experience what it was like to be a man once again. Matthew decides to visit the Jeweled Ladies, where he meets Millie Townsend (a.k.a Topaz Gold), an extraordinary woman who will soon change his life. Will Matthew and Millie be able to live out their lives in love, or will Millie be forced to stay as Ms. Topaz Gold until the last day of her life?

Steamy romance novels are the type of things we usually resort to after a stressful day. We do not always read them, but we gotta admit, it’s nice to know they’re there. For the best selections, just remember to check out this list of the best free steamy novels out there. You can even add them to your personal collection, if you happen to have one.