What is not to love about science fiction stories? The crazy adventure, the mystery behind things, and the facts can easily hook the reader in you! It’s not really surprising that this genre wraps up a great number of readers, mainly because of the events that are consistent in giving new knowledge and unexpected twists all at the same time.

However, the experience is not only limited to this. Some readers take things to the next level and try to read on erotic science fiction stories that, they believe, are more exciting than your usual sci-fi books! If you are just as curious to start a journey where sexiness and hot action emerge in the science world, here are some best sci-fi erotica books to look for.

His Human Slave, by Renee Rose

Readers cannot resist witnessing this most imaginative dark romance as the author focuses on the connection between a human and an alien in a galactic setting.

A woman, born into slavery, is bought by an alien warrior to teach her to follow his commands. Given the information released by their gene-matching program, the woman is fit to produce the best offspring that will save the alien world from extinction. Will the master keep his words of using his woman slave only for the sole purpose of reproduction or things will develop more than that? Unfold the next happenings by reading this masterpiece now!

The Gunfighter and the Gear-head, by Cassandra Duffy

What if aliens invade the world and technology could not even match them? That’s how we know humans are finally doomed!

In this sci-fi story, watch how humanity relies on their physical strength as an apocalyptic alien invasion occurs. Greatest scientists are in a desperate place to create weapons but failed to do so, leaving the remaining humans no choice but to use pre-industrial weapons of war to fight back for the next six years of their lives. From there, Geio, the last pilot on Earth, found the alien huntress Fiona and thought that maybe there’s still a chance to win the war against the aliens with her. Being humanity’s last chance, the two need to embark on a journey of passion and war at the same time. Know more about their fate by reading this intriguing sci-fi book by Cassandra Duffy!

The Siren and the Sword, by Cecilia Tan

There is an unknown mystery behind the seductive siren in the campus library of Harvard! When Kyle Wadsworth heard this news, he quickly involved himself and joined the group who investigated it.

Kyle is a newbie on the campus when he discovers that he’s magical, and so his four-year journey in learning his purpose begins. However, the library mystery is not making it easier for him to progress gradually. Aside from learning about himself, he is now torn between discovering more about sex magic or identifying the bisexual prerequisites first. Join Kyle as he immerses in a journey mixed with contemporary urban fantasies, and the secret history of magic that lies within himself.

Like a Fine Wine, by Misty Vixen

As soon as Galactic Marine Jack Lennox lost his will to serve in the Corps, everything in his life felt as if they’re going downhill. However, as he tries to find a new career path, he stumbles upon an opportunity online that is given by a retired businesswoman.

As Jack boards the ship onto the new space adventure, he notices that all of his companions are hot and mature women. How can he focus now, especially when these women are all driven to take him into their bedrooms? Join this ex-Galactic Marine’s new adventure and get ready for the exciting experiences he will take you in.

Pythen, by Erin Raegan

Peyton was quietly having a cup of coffee with her best friend when everything went downhill. As they looked outside, they saw massive creatures lurking around and devouring everybody in their path. Aside from that, some of these aliens seem to resemble the looks of a bat, and they decided to dive bomb the city.

However, as soon as the alien leader saw Peyton, he no longer had the desire to eat her. Instead, his hunger grew deeper inside, wanting her to relieve his mating urges. How will Peyton get out of this awkward situation? Read this alien war romance and find out!

Wings of the Seraph, by Sarah Hawke

If you are a fan of Marvel’s Star-Lord, you’re definitely going to enjoy this book. As Cole Vontera spends his entire life apart from the rest of humanity, he enjoys the company of multiple hot alien women during his adventures. However, when he encounters a genetically engineered escapee from an abusive master, he focuses his energy in solving the puzzle pieces that will change everything he believes in.

As Cole determines the galaxy’s faith with the help of a harem, join his sexual adventure and immerse yourself in a more exciting universe!

Eight Percent, by Holly Ardent

After a terrible flu engulfed the whole world, Jim decided to drop everything and return to his hometown. But seeing that he was already too late because his parents were also infected, he decided to go along with it by living a full life before his demise. After a long day’s work, Jim gets startled by a knock on their door, which happens to be Andrea and Maggie, fellow flu survivors.

As Maggie sleeps peacefully inside her room, Jim and Andrea decided that the best way to forget this horrible situation is by taking advantage of each other on a more physical level. Enjoy this post-apocalyptic MILF story by Holly Ardent, and succumb yourself to newer and more exciting pleasures that can surely tickle your fantasies.

Ravaged: A Dark Vampire Reverse Harem Romance, by Zara Novak

As a girl gets kidnapped by four lust-driven vampires and taken back to their lair, she can do nothing but to submit to their carnal needs. With each time they take her, they become wilder and more furious, giving her an odd but satisfying feeling as she watches their frustration and hunger grow within. Read on and satisfy yourself as you get in touch with your inner desires by reading this hot and steamy reverse harem!

Nothing beats the satisfaction of reading your favorite erotic novels, especially if they are in the sci-fi genre! With this selection of the best erotic science fictions this 2020, your days and nights will definitely get spicier. Choose your book, settle your nest, and let your imagination do the rest.