Latex fetishism is frequent obsession of people. The popularity highly risen with the spread of high quality latex and rubber materials in the last ten years. As a matter of fact latex fashion became almost mainstream. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian like to wear this special material in public.

Why is it special? The simple answer because it's shiny and the touch of the material is very special. The long answer is a little bit complicated, but it has something to do with the fact that the feeling of latex dresses are very special, both in look and also the feel of wearing them.

Latex is a popular material among many people for clothing. The latex material can be stretchy, making it comfortable to wear. Additionally, latex dresses are often sexy and stylish. They can be made to fit any body type and can make you look your best. Latex also allows you to move freely which makes it perfect for dance or performance costumes.

Some people see latex as a scary, BDSM-oriented material. But there are also alluring stories of latex being used to create breathtakingly beautiful art. From delicate lace gloves and bodysuits to elaborate, colorful masks and costumes, latex can be made into anything a person could imagine.

In the following list we tried to collect some of the most relevant latex sex stories, to make some mood to try the latex fashion in your bedroom.

What Are The Top Latex Erotica Books?

Doll Factory, by Caroline Waters (2022)

In the story Doll Factory, a woman named Hannah, struggling with depression and seeking happiness, undergoes an experimental treatment that transforms her into a rubber-coated doll. As she explores her sexuality with another female doll, she grapples with various influences trying to control her.

The decision on how and where to submit as a doll is complex. If she makes the wrong choice, she could become a tool to destroy the happy society, including her potential Mistress. However, the dolls are rapidly multiplying, suggesting that the era of dolls may be imminent.

Doll on the Town: A Latex Fetish Adventure, by Sasha D. Brooke

The second book of the series “The Rubber Temp“, the book contains a short story about a lesbian couple with a set in public, later in a night club. The story is slow at the beginning but it is worth the reading since the end story is very engaging and sexy.

This is one of the most engaging latex sex stories on Amazon.

Edge Play, by Jane Boon

Edge Play is a book about the journey of a woman from the halls of Wall Street to the fantasy world of a latex dungeon. The protagonist,  Amy discovers her inner secrets of her personality by trying out her new role as dominatrix. This new experience changes her, and gives multiple options to her newly found life.

Jane's writing style is excellent in this book, in a fact the book is more engaging than Fifty Shades of Grey.

Calli's Quest: An Inversion Tale, by Oona Callista

Calli Webster has been searching for her friend Charlotte Cain for months, ever since she disappeared without a trace. The last thing Calli remembers is leaving to go meet Charlotte at the library, and she has no idea what could have happened to her.

One day, while investigating a new lead on her friend's whereabouts, Calli comes across a place called Azure. The club is full of strange but somewhere tempting sexual fetishism, domination and submission.

The Latex Bondage Fantasy, by Edward Laste

This is the third installment of “The Latex Fetish Series”. Since the protagonists discovered the world of latex they invented a business around it. They make videos for designers, and the limits are never told.

This is an engaging story about discovering the depths of latex fetishes.

Pleasure Suit Fantasy, by KinkyWriter

Another short story by an avid erotica author, KinkyWriter. Jen and Katrina are best friends, when they get into a fetish nightclub. They get into a virtual reality simulation where they can specialize their interest. The girls can't get suited up in sexy latex catsuits and strapped in fast enough!

Would you choose an experience that's steamy and romantic like Jen or filled with erotic discipline and delight like Katrina?

Latex Sex Kitten: Reyna’s Adventures in Hypnotic Submission, by M. Kistulot

Reyna is a submissive girl, she fulfills her mistresses Penelope and Irene's every wishes. The play later establishes a strong bond between them. The sex is great, and they're both such tender women.

To further improve the role they developed to Reyna they ordered a latex bodysuit that finally arrived. They slowly discover that new levels of lesbian passion in their sex commune.

Final Thoughts on Latex Fetish Books

Latex and rubber have been used as materials for clothing and accessories for a long time and have become associated with various forms of fetishism, including latex fetishism. People with a latex fetish may find the material appealing for a number of reasons, such as:

  1. The look and feel of latex: Latex is a glossy, shiny material that can be made in a variety of colors and textures. Some people find the look and feel of latex to be sexually exciting.
  2. The tight fit: Latex clothing is often form-fitting and can accentuate the wearer's body in a way that some people find alluring. The tight fit of latex clothing can also increase the wearer's body temperature, which can create a sensation of arousal.
  3. The sound: Latex clothing often makes a distinctive rustling or squeaking sound when worn, which can be sexually stimulating to some people.
  4. The fetish culture: Latex fetishism is a subculture with its own community, events, and rituals, which can be appealing to those who enjoy exploring their fetish.

It's important to note that everyone's experiences with latex fetishism are unique, and what is exciting or appealing to one person may not be to another. It's important to engage in any fetish or sexual activity consensually and responsibly.

It's surprising that there are limited latex erotic stories and books in written. Photography is much more productive nowadays, we can meet numerous photos and photographers online. I hope this list will be a help for you to discover your inner desires.

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