There's just something about a monster that makes your heart race.

The classic scenario with the beauty and the beast has been constantly transposed into a series of different stories. Love is romantic, but it can also become brutal, sensual, and erotic if done correctly.

What Are Monster Romance Books?

Monster Romance Books are a recent trend in the book world. They are books that feature a romantic relationship between a human and a human like monster. Sometimes the human is able to tame the monster, and sometimes the monster ends up taming the human. Regardless of who ends up winning in the end, these books always make for an exciting read especially among the steamy books.

Here are some of the best monster romance books out there to trigger your feelings.

What Are The Best Modern Monster Romance Books?

Choices, by C. Marenberg (2022)

The story follows a young girl coming out of a toxic relationship and enrolling in the army. She needs to go through a training camp that only takes three weeks. Her toxic feelings have followed her, but maybe this is the perfect opportunity to leave everything behind and get a hard reset of her feelings.

The problem is life in this training camp is hard. She is surrounded by werewolves, orcs, and all sorts of creatures. Soon, she realizes that elves and satyrs are quite romantic and can help her overcome her bad feelings. But everything changes to 180 degrees when he meets Ollin.

Ollin is probably the most attractive orc in the camp – muscly and exotic, he shows dominance and can probably teach her a thing or two. She becomes obsessed with him and his body and realizes that she can no longer stop thinking about him.

Morning Glory Milking Farm, by C. M. Nascosta (2021)

This is the first monster romance book in the Cambric Creek series and feels a bit typical in the beginning. Violet is in her twenties. She follows a classic scenario – too much education for the jobs she can do and growing debt. One thing leads to another, and she is considering moving to her parents’ basement.

Then, a job shows up. An unconventional opportunity in Cambric Creek seems to be the perfect option for her – good hours, lots of benefits, plenty of pay and no experience. But then, there is a catch. She needs to milk minotaurs, rather than classic cows. This is certified prime cattle and comes with requirements.

One of the minotaurs starts requesting her for the job, and surprisingly for her, Violet starts catching feelings for the muscular monster. She knows that the minotaur is out of her league, but after all, it looks like feelings are mutual, turning this story into one of the most exciting monster love stories.

The Dragon’s Bride, by Katee Robert (2022)

Briar is trapped in a marriage that no one can take her out of. She knows no prince will ever show up to help her, so she realizes she must rescue herself. Becoming more desperate with every day, she decides to make a deal with a demon to get rid of the nightmare.

The deal is straightforward. She is released from her husband, but she will need to serve the demon for seven years. She knows that the service will not be too comfortable, but things go worse than she expected. She ends up being sold for auction in a room full of actual monsters and demons.

Sol is the dragon with the highest bid. At first glance, he seems alright, but she knows she should not trust anyone. Things take an unusual turn when Briar ends up falling for Sol, despite knowing this is the wrong thing to do – one of the best monster romance books in the A Deal With a Demon series.

Ice Planet Barbarians, by Ruby Dixon (2015)

The first book in the Ice Planet Barbarians series has become a hit and one of the most appreciated monster love stories of the last decade. The story has a bit of erotic adventure but also drama, horror, and thriller accents – a perfect combo for anyone into monster love stories.

All in all, if you thought being abducted by aliens is the worst thing in the world, you are wrong. She gets abducted, along with a bunch of other women. However, things go from worse to worst when the ship ends up experiencing technical problems. All the cargo must be left behind – including the women.

Women are abandoned on an ice planet with nothing… And the bad news is someone else seems to inhabit that planet already. He is large, blue, and strong, but he also has horns and seems to have a thing for one of them. What is the worst that could happen?

Monster's Temptation, by C. R. Jane and Mila Young (2022)

The story follows a girl who has spent over 1,000 days locked in an asylum. It is not something she wants, but her dreams keep her alive – countless monsters who worship her body and come visit her for pleasure every single night. However, they never really manage to finish her off.

She starts taking her medication, so she is released. But then, the monsters also disappear. It looks like she can start a new life now, but then the monster king decides to visit her. It looks more realistic than ever, and she realizes those were not dreams.

In fact, monsters kept feeding on her lust… And now, they have just returned to take her back because she is their favorite treat.

The Scorpion’s Mate, by Susan Trombley (2019)

Claire has always been an introvert, but somehow, she has managed to survive – she has a unique lifestyle, and she manages to make money online. Some may say her life is boring, but she is happy with it. Until one day…

The last thing she expects is to get abducted by aliens. She ends up in a research facility and becomes an alien soldier's life mate. Thrax is quite attractive, but Claire knows something is wrong – after all, he believes she belongs to him.

She wants to get back home, and she would take the alien with her, but she knows he would not be able to fit in. Still, she agrees to escape from this facility with Thrax. She will figure something out eventually, but before that, she must undergo a few challenges.

Final Thoughts on the best Monster Romance Books

Bottom line, these are some of the best monster romance books out there – a bit of drama and action, but plenty of eroticism and forbidden feelings.

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