Gripping Point by Morgan Amherst


The Masseuse Book 2

A Lesbian Erotica Story

Female billionaire Joanna has a strange hobby. She spends her Saturday afternoons in her own spa as a masseuse.

When software engineer Ella books her for a second session and asks for a ‘surprise', Joanna starts by showing Ella the shower. Ella has no idea what “showing” entails until she lies in a VIP shower room beneath three full-speed showerheads, while Joanna sits between her legs and ‘treats' each and every one of her vulnerable spots till she loses control.

“You can never go wrong with feeling good.” Holding the most dangerous faucet in hand, Joanna commands, “You’re in a spa. Let your body speak first.”

Yet the wild water ride is but a prelude to the real massage. Luring Ella to surrender to her kinky side, Joanna swings open the door to an exotic world of pleasure that melts with water and grips with fire.

The Masseuse is a series of lesbian erotica short stories. Each one stands alone with a new erotic adventure, while their romantic arc progresses throughout the series.


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