Venusian Desires: The Landing by Tatiana Sinder


Venusian Desires Book One

A personal note from the author:

A peek into the psychology and primal sensual power of higher being dominance through dynamic and exciting characters.

— Tatiana Sinder

Meet Colt, a hard working middle aged farmer in search of companionship. Fresh from a divorce, his aching heart needs the soothing love of an exciting partner, instead finds the manipulative, dominating influence of a much higher power and sexier adversary: Zoey.

Zoey is an alien from planet Venus with one simple plan. Sent to earth to establish overall dominance of the human race, and prepare for an oncoming invasion, she finds the human body full of surprises and soon realizes Earth to be the home she was made for.

This first part of a multi book series is sure to keep you to the edge of your seat and wanting more. This riveting tale of extraterrestrial romance and seduction is the bed time story many sci-fi fans have been waiting for.

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