There is Gold and Steel by Darklord Swashbuckler


There is Gold and Steel Book One

A personal message from the author:

I wanted to write about a future space colony founded by lovers of John Norman's Gor Saga of 35 books. I wrote to him and received his blessing to go ahead. The result is my growing series, There is Gold and Steel, which explores consensual sexual slavery in an erotic and loving sci-fi context. So far I have two ebooks on Kindle Unlimited (also available in paperback) and am writing the third now.

— Darklord Swashbuckler

Two colonies orbit an ancient star. On Boskia, a young warrior named Darklord embarks on his first mission. Before he knows it, he is traveling to the sister world, Tharnia, a world ruled by women who have decided technology makes males obsolete. What he discovers about their world, and his own, may change the destiny of both, and, perhaps, save both.

There is Gold and Steel is book written to entertain and provoke thought. The war between the sexes should end, and not by making one sex into a copy of the other. Both halves of our species are splendid. Sexual dimorphism is not a sin or a mistake. Our differences are complimentary, not competitive. Vive la difference!


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