Saved By Her by BE Brouillard


A Dark Demon Lover Romance

Soul Searchers Book 1

Her broken heart. His broken soul. Can she heal his spirit and save him from damnation?

Purgatory. In a dimension between Heaven and Hell, exist the souls of those who must atone for their sins, or face an eternity in the Underworld.

When Rebecca loses her first true love in a car accident, she has no idea that her heartbreak will attract one of these souls, an ancient incubus who brings unspeakable pleasure to her dreams.

Once a Spartan ruler, Xander has spent thousands of years in Purgatory, trying to earn absolution for the crimes he committed as a mortal. Learning to love purely will save him from Hell…but the only way he can interact with humans is as their demon lover.

Until he finds Rebecca. Compelled to comfort her tormented spirit, he realizes that she can sense him outside their dream world. What starts as an erotic dream becomes something infinitely more real as he begins to occupy her living world.

But does he belong there? Or is it his role to make a greater sacrifice for their love? Perhaps that can be his only hope of redemption.

If you love dark spirits and tormented souls, you’ll love Saved By Her. Penned by a seasoned journalist with a taste for the twisted, you can expect a lot of sizzle, and a guaranteed happy ending.


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