In the following list we collected the best modern urban romances with light or erotic sex scenes. In these books you will find the sheer reality of urban life, with all the good and the bad side. These intense books have everything we love in a good story: love, betrayal, feelings and hope.

We tried to find books that aren't just around sex, but we all know this is essential part of every story, at the end we just humans with feelings.

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What Are The Top Contemporary Urban Steamy Romance Books?

Forbidden Desires, by KC Prescott (2023)

Forbidden Desires, the second story in the Consenting Adults Collection, follows cousins Liam and Shauna who reunite after a three-year absence. A chance encounter at an amusement park brings the two together, and they embark on a taboo journey into dangerous and sensual territories. The story delves into themes of first and forbidden love, exploring the complex emotions of the main characters.

The Consenting Adults Collection features a series of erotic stories, each exploring different themes and situations. Some of these stories include The Dinner Party, where a couple is invited to an intimate gathering with unexpected outcomes; Masquerade, in which a woman attends an exclusive ball and experiences a dark world of lust and BDSM; and Hot Wife, where a husband persuades his wife to spend the night with another man.

Each story in the collection explores the various aspects of human sexuality, inviting readers to examine their own desires and fantasies.

Sneaking Around with Lexi, by A.D. Barnes (2023)

If you are looking for a quick and sexy read Sneaking Around with Lexi is a great choice.

The protagonist of the story is captivated by their nanny, who they describe as the sexiest woman they have ever seen. They struggle to resist temptation, especially after their wife leaves them alone together while she travels for her new job. Despite their efforts to maintain distance, the narrator finds it challenging to keep their hands to themselves.

One late-night encounter shatters their resolve, leading to further complications in their relationships. The close proximity and undeniable attraction between the protagonist and the nanny threaten to disrupt the balance within the family.

The Finesser, by Patrice Brown (2020)

Jody’s a bad boy from the wrong side of the tracks. He’s going to get the towing company he wants, no matter who he has to con to get it. Too bad he never saw Passion coming. Because Passion isn’t what she seems. She’s not the easy mark he thought she was. And she’s not going to let him rip her off and walk away. Jody’s not about to change his ways… but he might not have a choice. Passion isn’t your average big beautiful woman. She has a plan, a diabolical plan to not take Jody’s conning sitting down. Because Jody’s not the con man here; Passion’s the mastermind. With a single spell she can strip him of everything. And she just might if he can’t step up his game and pay what he owes her. The best way to force him to pay her back? Make him marry her; then he can’t just disappear into the wind. Jody’s going to marry her. Even if she has to take out a million dollar life insurance policy to lure him in.

She's His Drug, He's Her Thug, by Nirvana Blaque (2020)

Mika was a girl who liked to have fun. Young and beautiful, her life was all about drinking, partying, hitting the club, and kicking it with whatever brother could take her to the next level physically.

But it all changed in an instant when she found herself at the wrong place, at the wrong time – and with the wrong man. Having seen something she shouldn’t have, Mika goes on the run. But constantly looking over your shoulder takes its toll, and Mika soon finds herself beaten down by a life of perpetual vigilance.

Kane’s a thug, one-half of a partnership that’s growing fast and taking over the streets. He’s done a lot of things that can’t be forgiven, but one thing he can’t forget is the girl who saw him commit a brutal crime – a witness that he let walk away.

Seducing Her Father's Enemy, by Stacy-Deanne (2020)

When beautiful graphic designer Diana Wayans learns that Italian crime lord Milan Vitale wants her estranged father dead, she heads off to Miami to find out why. With her ex-lover, Detective Eric Sachs she devises a plot to get close to the Vitale organization.

Diana finds herself attracted to the charming Milan and falls deep into his web of seduction while Milan is equally drawn to Diana and vows to win her trust and her heart.

Prohibited Affair, by Chelle Ramsey (2020)

Scarlett Nicholson is experiencing a flourishing career at LCP, but her success comes at the cost of long days and late nights due to her boss's demanding schedule. Seeking a reprieve from the mounting tension, she decides to indulge in a night of fun. When she receives an invitation to an exclusive celebrity VIP event, Scarlett seizes the opportunity for a much-needed escape.

However, the night of excitement takes an unexpected turn, drawing Scarlett into a passionate and forbidden affair that she finds impossible to leave behind. This tantalizing encounter brings her more excitement than she ever imagined, but also threatens to unravel her professional life and personal relationships in the process.

The Introduction of Kiara Luv, by Kiara Luv (2020)

Kiara Luv, having spent years in the shadows, is now ready to reveal her unique talents to the world. Embracing her creative side, she invites audiences into her world, offering stories that promise to ignite passions or warm hearts. This is only the beginning of her journey, with more captivating content to come.

In collaboration with KS Print & Production, Kiara Luv is excited to unveil her first release, “The Introduction of Kiara Luv.” In a series of short stories, she explores her desires and aims to bring pleasure to readers through her evocative writing. Kiara's stories are poised to leave a lasting impression on her audience.


The allure of steamy urban romance books lies in their ability to transport readers into a world of passion, intrigue, and desire, all set against the backdrop of bustling cityscapes. These top 6+ picks showcase the genre's finest offerings, providing readers with a rich tapestry of love stories that are as captivating as they are provocative. One of the most appealing aspects of urban romances is their uncanny ability to make readers feel as though the events are happening to them personally. Each story weaves together a sense of realism and intimacy that keeps the audience engaged and invested in the characters' journeys.

If you're seeking an immersive and evocative reading experience, look no further than these steamy urban romance novels. They're sure to leave you breathless and yearning for more. If you are looking for more dirty reads check out our collection of funny and dirty erotic books.