A Wild Prince & The King of Darkness by Acacia Warmerdam


Angels The Cursed Series Book One

A sinfully hot royalty love affair filled with dark magic and intrigue!

In the land of Leuthedral, known as the realm of angels, the brothers of darkness rule all in this unstable time of mutiny and vengeance. Mutiny brought on by greed and bloodlust over titles with questionable legitimacy to the throne.

The world is on the precipice of ruin with the future Queen lost in another realm, and with a forbidden romance blooming in the younger Prince Cain, the world becomes even more unstable.

We follow the second male lead on missions to find the lost Queen to help his beloved older brother Valon keep his magic and his throne, while Cane's path is torn as his love for an enemy Princess grows out of control.

An enemy Princess that Prince Cane has hidden his identity from, and the King is fated to marry that very Princess if the missing Queen is not found.

If they fail and time does run out, a curse will befall King Valon taking away his magic and ruining the peace he has been fighting for his whole life.

As our King spirals over his lost soulmate, Prince Cain does everything within his power to hold their family together while losing control of himself, earning him the title of the Wild Prince.

But even in these dark times, we find ourselves rooting for the underdog and enjoying the erotic love affair of Prince Cain and Princess Marilyn.

This dark erotic fantasy flips the script and has you on edge up until the very end, so much so that it will leave you hungry for book two.


Excerpt from A Wild Prince & The King of Darkness © Copyright 2023 Acacia Warmerdam

She put the book back when suddenly the library doors blew open at the back entrance. She looked terrified as she ran behind a bookcase, and I appeared  in front of her. I pulled her  into my chest and covered her body against the books, so only my back would be seen.

I know I could get us out of here right now, but this way, I got to touch her.

But what the hell is someone doing here? It is forbidden!

“Marilyn, are you in here?” I heard a soft female voice ask, and Marilyn was about to speak, but I heard multiple footsteps, so I covered her mouth.

“I told you she isn't in here. It is prohibited,” Ivan snapped darkly before I heard the door slam a second later.

The tension from holding her so close made my dick grow between us. Just the little I touched and smelled was intoxicating.

“Commander, thank you,” She whispered breathlessly, and I was frozen in shock by the soft kiss she gave my cheek.

She kissed me! And I could not even feel her lips because of this fucking mask!

I leaned my head lower, so my forehead was close to her lips as the tension between us grew.

“Again,” I ordered softly, but surprisingly she leaned up to kiss my covered lips.

The kiss seemed to last a lifetime and yet not long enough. Her hands gripped my tunic, and the sexual tension between us was too much to bear.

She broke me with one kiss, one kiss I didn't even get to feel! “Shit,” I cursed as I covered her eyes with my hand and pulled down my mask.

I claimed her lips, and she tasted as sweet as I had hoped.

I swirled my tongue in  her  yielding  mouth,  and she relaxed  into my touch as she pulled me closer by my back. Her hands ran down my body, and her fingers moved under my shirt.

She was more aggressive than I assumed because she pawed at my body ferociously, urging me on. When I pressed my hardness into her, and she gasped from the pressure. I ground against her, and she allowed me access as I felt all over her body.

Her soft cream dress was taunting me to the point that I considered just taking her somewhere I could rip it off because it did not  allow me to see what I wanted.

“We can't get caught,” She whined between  my rough kisses, and I bit her soft lower lip to silence her. Then she pulled  me in closer and wrapped her leg around my lower body as she began to grind against me.

God, she is good.

“Commander,” She moaned out, and I was lost to her at this point. “Do not open your eyes,” I ordered, then I removed my hand to see her eyes shut tightly.

I picked her up and could finally feel her  under me properly. My hand pawed at her ass as I lifted the dress up higher, and she moaned quietly into my chest.

I felt the metal of her garter, and I unclipped  it so I could  push further up her thigh.

“N-no. That's too f-fast,” She cried as she pushed  my hand back, and I stopped quickly.

“Sorry,” I said raggedly into her neck as I dropped her dress and went back to licking down her neck because I wasn't done tasting her.

“Are you mad?” She asked, and I felt her hand grip my scalp tightly, pressing me further into her breasts as her breathing quickened.

“No, you should not  be scared,” I said between kisses as I ached to fill her, and her ass in my hand was a torment.

“Let me give you  pleasure,” I said, and she was quiet  for a moment as she just clutched me tighter by my back.

I kissed down the front of her dress, and she moaned louder before running her fingers through my russet hair. I kissed down to where the delicious smell I wanted so badly came from.

Fuck, she is so sweet!

“Now, tell me to stop when it's too much,” I commanded as I pulled her dress up over my head, and I could already see the wetness on her underwear.

“Y-you don't have to do this,” She moaned as her fingers knotted in my hair tighter, pulling at my scalp.

I leaned in and kissed the soft fabric, making her buck forward.

Then I slid my hand up slowly to pull them down her soft thighs.

She was not disappointing  in the least, and I never expected  this to be happening. I tasted her sweetness, and she was so eager as she pushed into my face. I parted her with my tongue and played with her as I felt for her body's reactions to me, learning what she likes as her moans grew.

I sucked roughly on her lips, and she cried out  loudly, then her fingers dug into my head harder.

“Commander, it feels so good,” She cried out as I pulled her leg over my shoulder so I could make her scream again.

She was better than I have ever tasted. It was killing me not to know how she felt.

Fuck, I want to be deep inside her!

I want to look into her eyes as I claimed her and mark her just like the maid had.

“Don't stop, commander,” She cried out, and suddenly my joke was not funny anymore.

I wished for her to call out my name or one of my names.

“Call me Leo,” I said raggedly into her mound, and she  ground harder into my face as I moved up to put a finger inside her.

She is so wet! Fuck, and tight!

“Leo, I am so close,” She cried, and I worked harder with my fingers rubbing quickly on her clit as she began to whine.

“Don't, d-don't stop,” She cried out as her lower body tightened so hard that I knew she had cum, and it was satisfying to hear.

When she pushed my face back gently, I imagined that she was sensitive but I wasn't done tasting her.

I bit the inside of her thigh gently before I stood to pull back up my mask. My face now smelled  and tasted  of her, which  was a pure form of torture in and of itself.

“You are so good at that,” She said breathlessly, and her eyes were still closed as she relaxed against the books, making me grin wider.

“You may open your eyes now,” I said, seeing lust swimming in her grey irises when she did.

Her hand reached out to touch the bulge in my pants, but I leaned back. I knew I would be in for a  world  of  hurt  if I crossed  this line with her. Tasting her was already too much, and I felt confused by my mind's strong response to her.

“I think it is time you go back to your room. Your transport will be waiting for you,” I stated, and she looked taken  aback by my words as her eyes grew wide.

We did not  have enough time for what I wished anyway, and damn do I ache for more time.

“Oh, okay. Well then, thank you, Commander,” She said with a bow as her face flushed, and she ran off towards the hallway.

“Fuck,” I cursed into the air as I realized I had real feelings for the girl betrothed to my brother, and now she was going home with no sign of her visiting soon.

What a mess I have made.

I will indeed be walking funny for a while, and  now  I know  what she smells like.

How could I have been so stupid?

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