Many authors can write funny things, but not many of them can create funny dirty romance books at the same time. After all, many people find writing about sexual scenes a bit awkward. Well, guess what?  Some authors have hit the mark and delivered excellent reads.

What is more, some have even thrown in a bit of humor, which, to be honest, is an extra for readers. If you enjoy funny dirty romance stories, you will be glad to check out our recommendations of funny dirty books below.

What Are The Best Funny Dirty Romance Books With Off-Beat Humor?

The Once In A Lifetime, by Sharyl Lidzhan

The story follows an interesting line – something unique that you have never experienced before. Alex and Carol are single and live two parallel lives. They keep dating different people in an attempt to find love, and the story takes them all over the world – from Singapore to Australia.

Their dating experiences go in multiple directions – funny at times, but also dirty and unusual. There is, however, a connection between them. They do have flashbacks without actually realizing what is going on. They show up in each other's dreams without understanding the truth.

However, a rock ballad from the 1970s brings them together – Still Loving You. How is this story going to end? There is only one way to find out. There is plenty of romance, humor, and occasional erotica here and there – something for everyone.

Some would say this story is a mix between I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell and Bridget Jones Diary – one of the best funny dirty books out there.

Good Girl Complex, by Elle Kennedy

She plans everything and avoids unexpected situations, only to do everything right. Mackenzie likes to please people, no matter what. She wants her parents to be happy, her friends, boyfriend, and everyone else she runs into. But then, this kind of attitude becomes tiring at some point.

Now, she has an Internet business, and she wants to grow it – but her parents also insist on her degree. That means she needs to move somewhere else to make them happy. However, she manages to suppress her impulses until one day, when her whole world falls apart.

She meets bad boy Cooper, and her ability to please people is done. Cooper is raw and straightforward – different from what she has ever been. They became friends, and she realized her life had never been more realistic. Everything is real and makes sense.

Cooper's secrets kick in to ruin an apparently perfect world though – lots of humor, a bit of suspense, and plenty of love.

One Italian Summer, by Rebecca Serle

Katy's mother passes away, and everything seems to fall apart. Carol was more than just a mother – she was also her best friend. But now, Katy needs her more than ever, and she is gone. They had the trip of a lifetime planned for later too – Positano.

Katy decides to take this venture on herself. She wants to do it in her mother's memory and decides to travel alone. She feels like her mother is always around her, especially as she ends up on the Amalfi Coast.

Somehow, Katy feels like she is recovering. And then, out of nowhere, her mother shows up. However, this is a young Carol who has no idea about Katy. Katy soon realizes that her mother was completely different back in the day, but somehow, their friendship works.

This is one of those funny dirty books with lots of romance – the kind of book that might get you a bit emotional too.

The Replacement, by Denice Holt

Being a gigolo has its share of challenges, which is no different for Preston Michaels. He is a perpetual and good-looking bachelor. But what he doesn’t realize is that this very big challenge might mean getting out of business.

When he realizes that he is ready for his life’s next chapter, he is set on finding someone to continue his job, servicing the clients when he gets out of the job. However, when his search for someone suitable for the job complicates his plans, he signs up for Riley’s help. Riley is his neighbor. She is stunning, highly independent.

Preston may pass for a sensitive and caring lover, but he is unmindful that Riley is the only one who has ever loved him truly for who he is. They share steamy moments. As he races to let go of the life he has known and get into unknown waters, will Preston realize early enough that he may be abandoning one woman too many?

My Christmas Quarantine, by Mika Lane

Funny dirty romance books has many sides, if you enjoy reverse harem stories, then you are in for a ride with this book. It is also highly relatable since it is set in a Covid Christmas quarantine era.

Nina is packed and ready to fly home for Christmas only to receive a last-minute call from her mother. She informs her that she cannot go home. But Nina has even bigger problems. She moved away from home for a job opportunity at an adult toy company. She lied that she was an employee at Williams Sonoma to prevent her family from discovering her.

She lives alone, has no real friends, and is now stuck alone during Christmas. She continually ignores her hot next-door neighbors, Henry, Wes, and Leo, who have offered her a holiday feast invite. After all, people are in quarantine. But Nina thinks she deserves a Christmas present, two or even three. Let’s just say Nina will not be a good girl after spending time with these guys.

Santa’s Baby, by Chloe Maine

Talk about lust combined with love and fantasies that become fruitful. Ford and Neely are one of those hot but forbidden couples. Ford is Neely’s father’s best friend and the keeper of a close-by lighthouse. Unknown to Neely and Ford, they have longed to have a relationship. But Ford is older than Neely. Neely has hit nineteen and is working at a retirement home near the lighthouse.

When the care home cannot get Santa for their annual Christmas celebration, Neely remembers that Ford formerly dressed as Santa for her during her younger years. With his thick beard and sexy hair, Ford can surely pass for Santa.

She heads out to the lighthouse on a stormy and snowy Christmas Eve. Having underestimated the bad weather, she passes out, only to wake up in Ford’s bed. That is when things begin to heat up. She discovers that she may have revealed her fantasies to him in her sleep. Can she convince him about her feelings, or will he deny that he shares them too?

Secrets We Hunt, by Dana Isaly

Secrets we Hunt is a spicy romance novella about a second chance. Zoe and Wes were best friends, and they were meant to travel together after graduation. However, Zoe disappeared, and Wes never saw her again.

Wes catches a glimpse of brown curly hair during Jack and Quinn's wedding. He would recognize this hair anywhere. But it can’t be Zoe, can it? Turns out it is. She is dancing with the bride, putting on her contagious smile. Wes is thrilled down his spine. It won’t take long before their shared spark flares back to life.

Then he tries to dig into why Zoe left him for all those years, it leads to a hookup. Turns out that Zoe had a reason to leave, and all these years, she worked hard not to tell Wes why. This is Wes’s second chance, and he will not allow himself to let go of her this time. Zoe has secrets, but Wes will do everything he can to hunt them down.

The Naughty Boss, by Everly Stone

Jane Singleton has been in love with Mr. Tennyson for as long as she has been his executive assistant. But it is never a good idea to mix business and pleasure, right? Yes, Mr. Ten enjoys working with Jane, but surely, he doesn’t feel the same way about her. Wait, or does he?

Mr. Ten is not just another bad boy billionaire. He sees himself as a nice person and a boardroom gentleman who happens to be bedroom dominant. Unlike his secret and hidden feelings for Jane, his art of woman seduction is not really a big secret. But again, this art doesn’t apply to his female employees until one snowy night with Jane in the office. She is submissive and needs some lessons.

Mr. Ten sends a note to her letting her know he is on to her, and with the lesson instructions, they will play out. He wouldn’t want to endanger one of his favorites or make her explore the road less. It’s now kickoff time. This book is one of the best from funny dirty romance books.

Daddy’s Angel, by K.A Knight

 Daddy’s Angel is the book you need to get yourself even if you are not into the daddy kink. It has unique characters, an enjoyable plot, an addicting pace, and a twist. It will let you laugh, cry, and smile simultaneously. The story is set in Sin City, where you would expect no one to care about people’s romantic affairs. But that’s not the case here.

Lexi and Tyler are the perfect taboo couple. They have a major age gap difference, and Lexi’s first was Justin, Tyler’s son. Lexi would never have wanted to need Tyler. He has always filled Lexi’s fantasies and was off-limits until now. Everything changes when Justin cheats on her. As a little revenge, she sleeps with his father.

This night turns out to be more than they both could have imagined. But can they handle what comes after real-life explodes into their passionate romance? There will be heartbreaks and ruined lives, but they must try to survive. Lexi is about to be Tyler’s angel.

Weekend Fling, by Claire Kingsley

Claire has written this sweet, happily ever after book and added sexy and funny moments for readers. You will be drawn from the start and remained hooked to the end. The story is spontaneous, and the passion is intense.

After her birthday weekend goes bad, Juliet Blake shows up at the bar where Finn O’Conner works as a bartender. She is dejected, but Finn does what any other person would naturally do. He fixes her a drink and listens to her troubles. He even offers to further help her by spending the rest of the weekend with her.

Finn doesn’t expect Juliet to sleep with him, but his mind is blown away when she does. With the smoking hot weekend coming to an end, he realizes that his life could use a little more Juliet. This is just a fling for Finn, and he doesn’t believe in forever. But sure, they could get together one more time.

Neon Gods, by Katee Robert

 Neon Gods is a highly steamy book but adds an emotional relationship layer and a political plot to bring down gods and goddesses in its Thirteen Houses.

There is nothing Persephone desires more than to get away from Olympus and enjoy life with freedom. But her mother strikes a deal with Zeus to secure a hand in marriage to the god. She flees and lands in the Underworld, protected by Hades. She believed him to be more of a myth, shrouded in mystery and very dangerous. But, he turns out to be a dark, compassionate, and alluring man. Both will work out a way to try bringing Zeus down.

However, they fall for each other in this quest, and the heat between them is building even more.

Hades will awaken Persephone to a world she never knew about. Every breathless night he spends with her gives him a taste of her, and he will even go to war with Olympus to have her by his side.

Final Thoughts on the best Funny Dirty Romance Books

Why do people like funny dirty romance books?

One of the reasons why people like funny dirty romance books is because they are a great way to release stress. After a long day at work, it can be nice to relax with a book that makes you laugh and feel a little naughty. Funny dirty romance books are also great for reading in public, since you can usually get away with laughing out loud. Plus, who doesn't love a good love story? Even if it's a little bit naughty, a funny dirty romance book is always enjoyable to read.

From the funny character personalities and silly situations to the hardcore romantic scenes, a funny dirty romance book with good humor stirs a spectrum of emotions. Fancying erotica books is one thing. But getting one that makes you laugh is even better. If you love both worlds, then you must check out our list of humorous erotica books above.

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