A bit of sexuality can always turn a boring book into a spicy masterpiece. However, all the modern steamy sex stories these days follow the same principles. You get a woman who feels miserable. She is then dominated by a man who triggers her deepest feelings and fantasies. The man almost dominates. However, this trend is becoming a bit boring these days, now that every book follows the exact same scenario, but with slight differences.

These steamy sex stories adopt a different approach. These are the types of stories where women feel good and actually enjoy life. These are the types of stories you want to read. All in all, here are some interesting titles that will most likely trigger your feelings in a different manner. From modern stories to classics, these titles will most likely want you to crave some more. So, what should you fill your night reading sessions with?

Shag Prince, by H. Atmenmeer

This is a sexual romance that gets out of the classic scenario. According to the author, this is the type of book she had always wanted to read when she was 18 years old. While not so much into miserable women who end up dominated and happy, she has always hoped to find something different. Years have passed, but nothing has changed – therefore, she has decided to come up with something new.

This is a bouncy and witty book about sex. It is positive, and it has good vibes. There is plenty of fun in it. The author grabs a different approach and makes sure her characters are happy and find love, without feeling like prey. Her character is not passive and does not have to wait for sex. Forget about dramatic events, but fill your heart with positivism, fun stories, and lots of sex – what else can you ask for?

Atmenmeer does not reveal too much about the plot, but one thing is for sure – you should not expect anything too sophisticated and mind blowing. While quite easy to read, the book is straightforward and body positive attitude will brighten your experience. Furthermore, there are a few plot twists that will keep you interested.

A Kingdom of Dreams, by Judith McNaught

Released about two decades ago, this book is the first release in the Westmoreland Saga. As you go through this series, you will discover more and more about an intriguing story based on drama, love and sex. All in all, this first release introduces the reader to Jennifer Merrick. She has been abducted from her school, but the Scottish beauty is less likely to get scared so easily. She does have a few good reasons to be worried though…

Now, who is behind her abduction? Royce Westmoreland is also known as The Wolf. He is the Duke of Claymore and he is known for his bravery and madness. His name can definitely make everyone’s heart beat faster than normally. However, Jennifer does not seem to care much. She is kept captive by an English warrior, but she just could not care less. On the other hand, the duke treats her with arrogance and barely gives her any attention. There is one thing she is intrigued about though – he is quite handsome.

She keeps challenging him, but things change to 180 degrees when he takes her in his embrace. He triggers a mix of feelings inside her – a bit of fear, sensuality and will. Her flesh is burning. She is seduced and impressed by his passion. But then, her loyalty to her people kicks in. She knows she could end up in terrible danger if she gives in, but her body wants her to experience that classic overwhelming love. What is going to happen with the two?

The Kiss Quotient, by Helen Hoang

Helen Hoang’s debut novel is one of the most exciting steamy sex stories out there because it brings in an unusual type of action. It shows one thing though – no matter how much data there is out there, no one can predict what will make their heart tick. Now, this story follows Stella Lane. She is quite straightforward and believes in math – the only actual science that seems exact in the universe. Relying on math, she tries to use sophisticated algorithms in her career to figure out how customers see things. She has the kind of job that brings her plenty of money, but not enough dating experience.

Stells suffers from Aspenger’s – she is afraid of social interactions and French kissing is the last thing she cares about. She does want to be loved and experience a relationship though. Therefore, she only has one thing to do – practice. She hires a professional escort – Michael Phan – to help her out. Boosting an attractive Swedish and Vietnamese mix, Michael decides to help Stella and teach her everything she needs to know in order to experience real love.

With time, Stella realizes that his kisses are more than just pure practice. Her flesh starts itching. She wants more now – she craves everything a man could give a woman. He makes her feel different and she likes this sensation. One thing leads to another and their unusual partnership will eventually make sense. Things fall together like in a sophisticated puzzle and Stella realizes that love follows a completely different type of logic – one that she cannot really explain.

And Playing the Role of Herself, by K. E. Lane

Caidence Harris is a prolific actress. She keeps landing better and better roles. Eventually, she ends up with the role of her life – she lands a leading role in 9th Precinct. The police drama is quite new and promising – great reviews and packed with all kinds of celebrities. Caidence knows that this is the type of role that will boost her popularity and push her even further.

Robyn Ward is one of her colleagues. He is incredibly handsome and magnetic – one of those people who everyone wants to hang out with. He is one of those A-list celebrities who gain notoriety overnight and become international stars within the first year out there. The two end up working together on the set of 9th Precinct. While Caidence feels infatuated, she decides friendship is the way to go. The two can be good buddies and make this project work. She finds him attractive and sexy, but she is less likely to go further.

Caidence believes Robyn is unavailable. She also thinks he is not really interested in her, giving his fame and appearance. A few clues and thoughts help Caidence see things in a different way. She realizes that all is not as it actually appears. She is definitely tempted, but she knows that taking a chance is very likely to break her heart. Is she going to take any risks with so much uncertainty around the handsome star?

Set, by Alexandria House

If you are into an unusual romance that goes against all odds, this book is for you – one of the most appreciated steamy sex stories in terms of hotness and love. The story follows a few old classmates. It is time for a high school reunion, years later after graduating. Now, they are all adults and ready to mingle. The two are both up for a fling, but none of them wants anything serious – it sounds like the perfect match, especially as they know each other well from high school.

One thing leads to another and they end up with a great arrangement – nothing special, just friends with benefits. This book will make you blush page by page – lots of adventure and sex. The two come from different worlds, yet this arrangement works for both of them. It is not crystal clear, but the mutual understanding leads to a great connection. However, just like in many such cases, love will inevitably creep into the story.

At this point, none of them knows what to do next. Should they split? Should they struggle to stick to this arrangement? How about letting love free? There is only one thing the two are sure of – they do need each other. All in all, this is the first book in the Them Boys series, so you will need to go further in order to find out how it all ends.

Rush, by Maya Banks

This story follows Ash, Gabe and Jace. These are three of the richest men in the area. They are wealthy and they can get anything they desire without too much hassle. Gabe faces challenges though. There is one thing he could never get. He is dying to get this particular woman due to his fantasies with her. However, she seems to be the forbidden fruit because she simply cannot be touched. But then, she becomes available…

Gabe Hamilton first noticed Mia Crestwell into a ballroom. He runs a local hotel, so he saw her at the grand opening. He fell for her straight away. They do have a bit of a connection – Mia is his friend’s sister. While he has always had a thing for her, things are different now. She is no longer a little girl. She is a beautiful and adult woman who knows what she wants. This is the perfect time for Gabe to tell her about his fantasies.

Mia has noticed Gabe long ago too – in fact, she had a crush on him when they were kids. Mia knows she is not suitable for him, but this attraction has gone stronger and stronger. Both realize this is the time to let their wild thoughts run free. However, as Mia joins this world, she discovers many more things about Gabe. Then, their relationship is about to be exposed to a series of vulnerabilities. This is the first book in the Breathless series.

Backstage Pass, by Olivia Cunning

This is one of those steamy sex stories that may not make too much sense at first. Set in an unusual environment, there is lots of action and an unusual story line that will definitely hook you in. It is part of a bigger series – Sinners on Tour – and it represents the first book, so this is where you meet all the characters and their connections. The general idea is fairly simple – there is a beautiful woman and five good-looking guys.

One of them stands out in the crowd. Brian Sinclair is dedicated to his music. His band is famous and the music gets better and better. He is the lead songwriter, but also the guitarist. The metal band gains more notoriety with every new concert, until one day… Brian feels out of inspiration. His creative spark is gone. He has no idea what to do next and cannot figure out his next move. He feels lost, but luckily for him, his savior is right there.

Myrna Evans is a good-looking psychologist who goes on tour with the Sinners. Given her looks, every guy in the band will try to seduce her. However, she is into Brian, so she ignores everyone else. One sinful night after another will help Brian get his creativity back. As time goes, the connection between the two lovers pushes the band to another level of glory, but glory is directly proportional with the sin as well – lots of action and explicit content to make you blush.

Forever, by Judy Blume

Forever is one of those steamy sex stories that bring in more than just lust and sex. This is not the type of book that a young adult dreams about. Instead, it is a bit of a classic that brings in sensuality, love, a bit of drama and a good story as well. All in all, the story follows Katherine and Michael, as well as their incredible story featuring amazing sex adventures and a few challenges as well. Is love going to succeed in the long run?

The two attended a New Year’s Party. They came separately and had no idea who they were, but they met and liked each other. They met again, dated and decided to start a relationship. This is when all the sexual tension kicks in and fantasies keep float one after another. It is an exclusive relationship with plenty of intense moments – in the good way, of course. Everything is planned and things go according to the plan.

But this is when a plot twist kicks in. Katherine’s parents are not 100% sure whether this relationship will last, so they ask Katherine to test it. The couple must spend a summer apart and meet after. Based on how they feel or what they do, they can then decide whether or not they are meant to be together. However, this summer together is likely to bring in many adventures as well. Will Katherine and Michael stick together? This story is a classic. It faced plenty of criticism when it first came out because no one was really used to the explicit content.

Night Shift, by Joanna Angel

Joanna Angel certainly knows what passion and lust actually mean. This book makes it all clear. Plus. The author has a great reputation already – she is the name behind Burning Angel, an adult company. She is also a director and actress with plenty of awards, so she clearly knows what she is talking about. The general idea is fairly simple, as the title makes it clear – this is your opportunity to choose your own fantasy and make your dreams come true without even working for them.

Taryn is a young woman who wants to explore. She has just graduated from college, yet she does not feel like she has made the best choice. She is a bit lost and has no idea which way to go. She does not feel like she has a career ahead, so she needs to keep experimenting. Her personal life is not the best either. Focused to get a proper career moving, she decides to go sexless – no friends and no sexual relationships. All in all, she ends up working in Dreamz – a small sex shop from Pasco County, Florida.

The sex stop is on the side of a highway – it is not a very posh one, but good enough to keep money going. The reader’s mission? Join Taryn in a world covered in sex toys and lube as she explores the little town. Find out what kind of kinky adventures it hides. Discover butt plugs, dildos and other sex toys, but also witness Taryn becoming familiar with a completely new world. All in all, this is certainly an exciting story that will make you blush.


Bottom line, these are some of the best steamy sex stories out there. Women no longer dream about possessive men who make them suffer, only to come up with happy endings. Instead, these titles bring in the romance and lustful sex every woman dreams about. These titles bring in happiness, good vibes and excellent sensations to push your fantasies to another level.