Nonverbal by Raina Ash


A New Adult Best Friend's Brother Romance

Love Beyond Words Book 1

Love is more than words. But can love be trusted? An uplifting, own voices romance about standing up for the life we choose, with characters you'll want to hug one after the other.

Paige yearns for one thing: release. Connection. But physical barriers make that wish seem impossible. Thanks to a shattered home life, she also doesn't know how to trust. Especially those she loves.

When Paige moves in with her best friend desperate for a new life, she isn't expecting a spark with her roommate's brother, Brody. He's gigantic, protective, and makes her feel something she hasn't felt in a long time: safe. Can she trust him to stay when he learns her secrets?

Brody wants to keep his relationship with Paige platonic, but he can't get the troubled woman out of his mind. There's something about her. Maybe it's her sense of humor. Maybe it's her resilience. Or maybe it's the way she makes him question his entire stance on relationships. But his sister, Amber, warns him to stay away. He needs to listen. For everyone's sake.

As Paige struggles to navigate her tumultuous feelings, words fail her. How can she understand her heart when her past left her damaged?

And what if revealing the truth means losing Brody forever?

An intense, beautiful, and inspiring new adult romance about learning to trust love—perfect for fans of Colleen Hoover, Talia Hibbert, and Helen Hoang.

Nonverbal is the first book in the Love Beyond Words series. If you enjoy strong, protective heroes, bubbly and compassionate neurodiverse heroines, and friendships that are ride or die, you'll fall in love with Brody, Paige, and Amber.

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