Forbidden Desires by KC Prescott


Consenting Adults Collection Book 2

Liam and Shauna are cousins. After a 3-year absence they discover that a lot can change in that time. A LOT! A sultry story of exploration and sinful discovery.

Liam never gave Shauna a second thought. She was the younger, pubescent, tomboy cousin he tripped over at boring family functions.

Shauna always thought Liam was…well…cute. I mean, for a cousin. A boy her girlfriends noticed long before she did but a boy that was now a man.

A chance meeting at an amusement park brings together the burgeoning adults and they begin a taboo expedition into very dangerous and very sensual waters.

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Excerpt from Forbidden Desires © Copyright 2023 KC Prescott

A moment later the door opens and the yellow kitchen light floods down the steps.  Liam can’t see the upper part of the stairs so he doesn’t know who…then a foot, followed by another.  As her legs come into view, he knows.  It is her.

Shauna’s long, tanned legs give way to a short little nightshirt she is barely wearing.  Pale yellow. The shirt is thin enough to show everything yet nothing.  No, he can’t see through the flimsy fabric but it is obvious she is not wearing a bra.  The silhouette of her breasts, the outline of her nipples.  He lays there, speechless, holding his breath, his whole body tightening.  Shauna reaches the bottom of the steps, a glass of water dangling from her fingertips.  A smile.  Tousled hair, no makeup and an unmistakable air of innocence complete the picture.

She whispers, “Want some water?”

It takes him a moment to find his words.  “No.  Thanks.”

An awkward moment.

“Can’t sleep?”

Shauna seems to glide across the room.  As she passes under the hanging overhead lightbulb, her silhouette comes into sharper focus.  He has truly never seen anyone like this before.  Just.  So.  Beautiful.  She is now standing right next to the bed, gazing down at him.  He catches a glimpse of her panties under the shirt.  Not really panties.  White, cotton, no lace, no frills.  Underpants.

“Got a light?”  His eyes shift up.  That devilish smile as she is holding up a cigarette.

“What?  Oh.  Yeah.”

Liam sits up in bed and grabs his cigarettes and lighter from under the tiny pillow.  He hands her the lighter, her fingers brushing his lightly.


She sets her water down on the small nightstand and starts for the cellar door.  He watches her walk away, her underpants bunched a little between the cheeks of her firm, round behind.  He starts to get up, then realizes he is in underpants.  A pause, then he starts to gather the sheet around him.

She laughs softly.  “I’ve seen boys in underwear before.”

Now he just feels stupid.  He gets up from the tangled sheet and joins her at the open back door.

They lean against the doorframe, outside the stifling room.  It is somehow hotter, muggier.  Liam watches her smoke, the cigarette coming to rest on those full lips, dragging the smoke in slowly, deeply, then exhaling in a whirling cloud.

“How can you sleep down here?”

He takes a drag off his cigarette and notices the sweat beading up on her face, her neck and through the little shirt.  She grabs the nightshirt at the bottom and flaps it up and down trying to cool herself.  Each time showing off her taut, sweating stomach and those white underpants.

“You’d think they’d buy a fucking air conditioner.”  She murmurs.

Shauna takes one last long drag on her smoke and flicks it away.  “It’s too hot.”

She starts back in as he hits his cigarette one last time and follows behind her.

Picking up her water from the nightstand, she gulps it down.  Liam walks over and lowers himself onto the bed in front of her, watching her drink.  When she finishes, there is a small amount of water left.  Pulling the top of her shirt away from her body, she pours the remaining water down over herself, the water running down under the shirt and over her underwear.  The cotton material becoming suddenly sheer so that he can see a very dark bush underneath.  The thick, black mound of hair mesmerizes him.

“Enjoying the view?”

Liam snaps back and gazes up at her.  Shauna is staring down at him, that devilish grin playing across her lips.  He notices that the water has had the same effect on her nightshirt, her large, erect nipples now straining against the wet fabric.

In one quick motion, he pulls her down onto the bed next to him and kisses her.  Deeply.  Passionately.  She grabs hold of his long hair and holds him there, her tongue slipping deep inside his mouth, dancing with his. She feels the room tilt a little, transporting her back to that first kiss on the ride at the amusement park in May.  A kiss like she had never had before, a kiss no other boy had every given her.  Shauna senses his hand sliding up the outside of her damp legs, over her panties and creeping slowly under her shirt.  Her tongue darts deeper.  His hand is brushing over her ribs.  She knows what is coming next and the anticipation streaks through her.  His fingers finally reach her breast and gently take hold.  She holds her breath as he very gently caresses it, as if it were glass.  His fingertips gliding up over it, brushing her nipple…she suddenly pulls away, her breath catching, a little unsure in the moment.

His eyes lock on hers, fingers still cupped around her breast, is this where it ends?  Liam begins slowly, insistently, circling her pink nipple with his finger.  Painfully slow, around and around, the intensity of the sensation evident in her ragged breathing, the slight moan that escapes her lips.  He can’t take his hand from her breast, it almost feels connected to her by an unseen current.  His need for her is climbing steadily, as he knew it would, long before she even entered the dank, humid basement room.  She leans towards him, her lips beckoning and he responds eagerly, locking her into a deep kiss, his fingers gliding over her entire breast, squeezing it gently, teasing her tender nipple with his thumb.

Shauna breaks the kiss, pushing him away gently, the magnitude of their desire overwhelming them both.  She hesitates, staring deep into his eyes, their need hanging heavy between them.  In one decisive moment, she yanks off her wet shirt, her sudden nakedness surprising them both.  They sit there for a brief second, silently acknowledging the weight of this moment.

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