I think this is pretty much everyone’s fantasy… Sure, we all have our steamy thoughts and ideas. Some of us will fulfill them, but others will always stay at this stage. But when it comes to doctors and medical uniforms, we’re all down for it

Picture this… You get to a hospital, and the hottest nurse ever needs to take a blood sample, you just can't stop but think about a bit of foul play behind the curtains. Doctors, nurses, assistants, you name it… If there’s a clean baggy uniform, you’ll start thinking about all kinds of things.

Well, you no longer need to fantasize about it because these medical romance books will give you quite an adventure. Here are my favorites.

What Are The Medical Romance Books?

Pleasure & Promises, by Catherine Grayze (2023)

This is a sequel to Desire & Duty, part of the more comprehensive The Grace of a Nurse series. There’s nothing to worry about if you haven’t read it, you’ll get the action straight away. The story has a good start. You have a successful neurosurgeon and a top notch charge nurse.

Needless to say, they’re both hot…

Alejandro and Grace have a bit of history. He had a terrible crash, and she saved his life. Now, don't expect the classic cliché where they work together and their eyes meet, there’s nothing like that.

Out of nowhere, Alejandro comes up with a proposition. Grace needs to make a serious decision now. She can listen to her heart or just use common sense.

I won’t give out too many spoilers, but let me make it clear, there are more characters involved, and their exes may have something to do with a few obstacles on the way.

Some people are all about pleasure, while others are about promises. Who gives what? I’ll let you find out.

Medicine Man, by Saffron A. Kent (2018)

This is one of my favorite medical romance books, mainly because the scenario gives you a bit of a thrill. Willow lives in a castle… Tall fences, iron gates, massive fences and so on… It looks like a real castle, but it’s actually a psychiatric hospital housing around 40 patients.

Nurses don’t look very friendly and don’t give her too much hope. But then, there’s also a man who seems to be a bit different. He’s quiet and cold, but when he talks, you can tell he’s got some sort of authority.

Now, Willow knows that Simon is her doctor, but she craves for him. She dreams about his deep voice and gray eyes, and she ends up spending her nights thinking of him and, well, touching herself.

She’s aware of the fact that nothing could happen, but she can’t help it. To make it even worse, she’ll go further and try to find out what he has to hide.

Hotshot Doc, by R. S. Grey (2018)

This is one of those nurse romance books where the action takes place in a more relaxed environment. It’s the kind of book that puts you in a good steamy mood on a Sunday afternoon. Let me give you a few details…

It follows Dr. Russell, who doesn't really have the best reputation around. He's got a terrible attitude, and everyone thinks he's an arrogant individual, but patients also agree that he's the best surgeon around. With all these, all the staff tries to stay away from him.

With a bad attitude comes a great appearance. As hard as she tries to keep away from him, she can’t help but imagine him gripping her body and ravishing it.

One thing leads to another, and she's left with two options… Follow the doctor into retirement and a new clinic, or hiring someone else. But the training process of a newbie seems extremely challenging… All in all, this is a steamy romance book with a great feel of comedy, ideal for a relaxing evening at home.

Getting Real, by Emma Chase (2022)

Sex, lust, fun, emotions and relaxing writing from Emma Chase, what else can you ask for?

The story follows Connor. He's failed in love, but he has three gorgeous boys. He's also a successful doctor, and although he can’t imagine starting from scratch again, he decides to give dating another chance.

Then, we have Violet… She's a nurse, and she has a crush on him, but she thought it would go away after a while. He's never really paid attention to her, until he sees her out of work one day. She walks around the grocery store parking lot and falls… And while it feels funny, he realizes she’s more than just a nurse.

I won’t go into further details, but this is the kind of story that makes you realize how unpredictable and crazy life could be. It’s so well written that it almost feels like a real story.

The Fifth Surgeon, by Faith Prize (2021)

This isn’t one of those average nurse romance books where a doctor falls for his hot nurse. It goes in a different direction…

Nadia has just started her medical training, but she can't really focus. She's gay, and she needs to get rid of a lusty attraction, so she picks a random one night stand in order to calm down a little.

Ashley leads the respective department. And while Nadia is super direct and straightforward, Ashley is well spoken and agreeable. Their initial meeting is not great, and they hope they'll never have to work together again. But then, their paths cross again…

Nadia ends up working on an experiment that Ashley overlooks, and while they both have big egos, the truth is there is a bit of sexual tension… Perhaps having sex would sort everything out, who knows? I'll let you find out.

Final words

These are some of my favorite medical romance books out there. This isn't a steamy list with sex and lust only, but a list with excellent storylines and well written action.

Indeed, nothing beats a fantasy about uniforms, but I believe a few plot twists here, and there make the action even better.