Short Sexy Sweet Tales One by Mick O’Rourke


Short Sexy Sweet Tales Book One


Mick O'Rourke presents this new collection of explicit short stories.

These stories are written from the POV of ALPHA MALES, strung out, laconic, feisty, morally bankrupt, down on their luck but ALWAYS ALPHA.

… A construction worker is mistaken for a movie idol by the star-struck shop assistant fitting his new suit…
… A stunning shoplifter hides the gear she’s stolen in all the wrong places for this steamed-up shop owner…
…. A hunky drifter is taken on as a drinks waiter by a beautiful events organizer specializing in hen nights…

It’s true. I’ve won awards for my literary writing and am sure that erotica can go as high up the scale of imaginative literature as anything else, all it takes is humor and sparky characters in gripping situations to generate real heat.

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Excerpt from Short Sexy Sweet Tales One © Copyright 2023 Mick O'Rourke


I walked along the beach, minding my own business.

The sand was hot. I scuffed it with my toes as I strode along, hungry for love. Love or a good fuck. It’s the same thing.

I strode past couples lounging under sun umbrellas and tanned bikini babes spread out on towels with their tops undone. I felt raw and ready for love.

My swimsuit was made of thin nylon. It poked out at the front, but that was only because I’m big down there, big and maybe just a little stiff. No one was going to say nothing. I’m as big across the shoulders as I am between the legs.

I saw her sitting on a towel, against a dune, attempting to spread sun tan oil on her back.

She was on her own. Slim. Willowy. A petite, tanned body glistening in the sun. Perky tits and a shapely butt in a yellow string bikini. Blonde hair piled on top of her head. Sunglasses shielding a cute face.

A babe like this wasn’t meant to be left on her own. A chick like her should never have been left to her own devices for one single minute.

She was reaching around behind her trying to massage the oil in under her shoulder blades.

My throat felt dry. My voice was tense. I said:

“Do you need some help with that?”

She looked from my face to the thing bulking out the front of my swimmers and said:

“Sure. Why not?”

I walked over.

“Lie down, then.”

She pushed her sunglasses up into her hair. Big blue eyes. Plump cupid’s-bow lips. Totally gorgeous. She handed me the oil, and lay down on her face on the towel. I would have preferred it if she’d chosen to lie on her back, but, hey, she was gorgeous front or back.

There was another towel spread out next to the one she was lying on. A book and a pair of sunglasses sat on the towel. She wasn’t on her own at all. She was with someone. Her boyfriend was having a swim. Her man was out in the surf catching waves. More fool him, when he had a babe like this to keep an eye on.

The string of her bikini top cut into the smooth brown skin below her shoulder blades. It was what you might call a string bikini top. The bottom was just a thong, nothing to it at the back except a strip of yellow elastic cutting into the crack of her ass and a glint of moisture where the tiny yellow triangle was.

She spread her legs for me to kneel between her thighs. None of this leaning over from one side, then leaning over from the other side, stuff.

She had a nice, tarry voice:

“You sure you don’t mind?”

“I don’t mind in the slightest, babe. Anything to help a lady.”

The weight in my swimming costume felt heavier already. My balls tingled. My dick was already lifting its head and butting at flimsy nylon.

I chose to kneel above her head instead of between her legs. I’m original.

“Gently, ey? Those hands look pretty big.”

She was right. My hands are big and strong.

“Don’t you worry about me, sweetheart. I’m a trained masseur.”

Actually, I’m a bricklayer.

She chuckled. She liked it. Her chuckle was even purr-ier and more tarry than the way she talked.

I planted my knees on the hot towel on either side of a pile of blonde hair and bent over her. I’m tall. My arms were plenty long enough to reach all the way down her back, past her cute butt, and down her thighs and past her knees and all the way down to her exquisite ankles if need be.

She rested her cheek on her hands on the towel and flexed her shoulders. I love a nice pair of shaved armpits. That little stubble shadow in the hollows under her arms was irresistible so I tickled it.

She snorted. Her hot lithe body twisted away.

“Bit unorthodox.”

“Yeah. That’s me,” I said. “Unorthodox.”

“Don’t mess up my hair.”

My swollen cock was about an inch from the mass of tangled blonde hair. There was a hair clip holding the heap together, but her hair looked pretty mussed up already to me.

I drizzled oil between her shoulder blades and on the nape of her neck and from side to side all the way down her spine to where the elastic disappeared into her ass.

“Hey! That’s too much oil!”

“You want a massage or what?”

“I never asked for a massage,” she said. “Just some help between my shoulders.”

“Well you’re getting a massage. Alright?”

Her ass gave this little quiver, like her hot brown skin was shivering.

Some bathers walked past. A guy gave me a jealous look.

I touched her skin. It was even softer and warmer than it looked. I smoothed the oil out over her back muscles. She was right. I had poured on a bit much.

It ran down off her shoulders and down her tits, under a yellow string and onto the towel. It wasn’t a problem. I dug my thumbs into her shoulder muscles. They started to flex. I followed the flexes out towards the tips of her shoulders. I must have been doing something right, because her butt lifted a fraction off the towel.


I glanced down at the water. Some guys were stepping out of the surf, dripping water, their hair plastered to their heads. I hoped none of them was her boyfriend.

I massaged her shoulder blades. They lifted inside my big hands like warm bony wings.

“Hey! You’re not too bad,” she said.

“I’m the best, baby.”

I’d never given a massage in my fucking life, but she didn’t know me and I didn’t know her, so that was okay then.

The strings of her bikini top were knotted in a cute bow just below her shoulder blades. The bow was saturated with oil and already sticking to her skin. I tugged one of the strings and the knot came undone.

“Hey! Did I say you could do that?”

I ignored her. She was only kidding.

I pulled the strings aside and thumbed my way down her spine. It was a beautiful spine. Her vertebra were plaited under the tanned skin like tide marks in wet sand. The muscles on either side started undulating as I massaged towards her butt.

When I reached her hips I had to stretch a little and lean a bit further down her body.