In a world where everyone’s trying to set an equal line between men and women, I still believe alpha male dominance is a thing in terms of love and relationships. And to be honest with you, I hope it won’t go away too soon.

Sure, there are times when women should be in power too, but let’s face it, women like to be led, at least in bed. With these ideas in mind, let me introduce you to some of the best alpha male romances out there, some of my favorite releases from the past few years.

Short Sexy Sweet Tales, One, by Mick O’Rourke (2022)

This is the first book in the collection and my favorite. I believe once you go through it, you’ll most likely want more of it. While relatively short, these stories are filled with passion and lust and let me tell you, some of them can get pretty explicit.

Stories are written from a personal point of view, but all alpha male’s view. They’re morally wrong, filled with sexuality and desire and a bit laconic at times. And there is nothing inherently wrong with that when it comes to literature.

I won’t give out too many spoilers here, but my favorite story is the one with a construction worker mistaken for a movie star by a shop assistant. He’s in there looking for a new suit, obviously not working on scaffolding.

From this point on, I guess you can imagine what's about to happen… I mean, who wouldn't take advantage of it? That's the kind of ethical approach you should expect from these stories, and it's delicious!

Let Me, by K.V. Rose (2019)

There are more books in this collection, but this one stands out when it comes to alpha male romances. This book shows just how close love and hate are. And when sex is involved too, there are literally no limits whatsoever.

He asks her to let him. And she knows that he hates her. But then, he says there's no need for love in order to go wild in bed. She loves the idea, and her knees are trembling. He knows what he's doing and he's about to show her what an alpha male actually means.

Anyway, the story follows Riley, who played two brothers. One of them was driven to the edge, so he's gone now. The other one wants revenge. He wants to get her back, and when she's back in town, things are about to heat up. He hates her, but he also wants her. And she loves the tension…

Temptation, by Ivy Smoak (2015)

This is the first volume and one of the most explicit alpha male romances I’ve ever read, totally worth it. Penny is a shy student who plays by the rules. She’s always studying and doesn’t seem to have too much to offer. But she has a secret…

She's madly in love with her professor, and she would do anything for him. Besides, she believes he's into her as well. Professor Hunter is one of the most appreciated ones in school. Not only is he good at what he does, but he’s also handsome. He seems out of everyone’s league…

His past is not great, though. He had to give up a billionaire lifestyle in New York City to become a professor, and he needs to follow a few rules in order to avoid getting back where he was. However, he wasn’t expecting to teach such a beautiful student.

He knows that Penny has plenty to offer behind her shyness, but he knows that he’s not right for her. Penny decides to go for it and… Well, I’ll let you discover the rest yourself.

Tell Me to Stop, by Charlotte Byrd (2019)

I think this book is going to become a classic. I've recommended with quite a few different occasions, and I believe it mixes a bunch of different styles. It's an erotic book, but it has a thrilling plot. It's one of the top alpha male romances out there, but it gives a woman plenty of power too.

Anyway, if you’re into such romances, you probably know already that the Tell Me series is much bigger, yet this is my favorite. The plot is fairly simple to understand. She owes him money, but she can’t repay. Therefore, he offers her a deal.

She needs to spend 365 days with him and do whatever he wants, but she says she won’t sleep with him. He’s not worried. He knows she’ll beg for it after a while.

I know it sounds a bit of a cliché, we’ve all seen these recent 365 movies that were terrible. But trust me, there are lots of twists and plenty of unexpected situations. This is the kind of story we all wanted in a movie.

Mated to the Alpha, by J.M. Klaire (2019)

This is one of those alpha male romances with a fantasy twist, totally acceptable if the story is good. Emma is a widowed cop’s daughter and can get away with pretty much anything. But one day, her world changes when she makes a mistake and she’s sent to live with a werewolf pack.

It’s more about learning how to be a responsible adult. But once she gets there, she finds out that she’s not 100% human. In fact, her mother was the first alpha female of the pack, so she’s only half human. And now, the pack seems to have an internal war on the leadership

She knows there are many more secrets to untangle, but she also meets Elam, who’s incredibly good looking and believes she’s his mate. Now, she needs to find a balance between her steamy cravings for him and her future as a pack leader.

Bottom line

I could go on with this list for ages because the alpha male concept is not new in literature. However, these books will give you a different approach on alpha male romances. It's not about gender or power, but about love and romance in any form.