Pleasure & Promises by Catherine Grayze


The Grace of A Nurse Series Book 2

Pleasure & Promises is the exciting new sequel to Desire & Duty in “The Grace of A Nurse” series.
This thrilling new medical romance follows the growing friendship between a brilliant neurosurgeon and a beautiful, head-strong charge nurse.

Alejandro Sanchez and Grace Harringdale establish a new pattern of co-existing after Grace saved Alejandro from certain death after his motor vehicle crash. Alejandro interrupts this new reality with a proposition, will Grace stand her ground or will her growing attraction for the stunning neurosurgeon weaken her resolve? Will their exes terminate their blooming relationship?
Grace heaved a huge sigh. “His ex is in town.”

Amanda and Tonya exchanged a look.

“O…kay?” Tonya said, her tone questioning.

Grace paused before she added. “She’s coming to work here. She’s one of the new nurses we’re getting.”

Or will both Grace’s and Alejandro’s past upend the balance they have found with each other? And who is on the other side of this kiss?
Reluctantly, and with a low moan, Grace kissed him back.

Fireworks went off in her head as she leaned into the kiss. She molded her body into the hard contours of his, feeling the ridges of his muscled chest pressing into the softness of her breast.

Who gave Pleasure and who gave the Promises? Hang on for this thrilling ride in Pleasure & Promises.

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Excerpt from Pleasure & Promises © Copyright 2023 Catherine Grayze

Grace laughed again as she stretched her limbs. She winced at the sore muscles that protested. She was going to pay dearly for their little sexcapade.

“Are you ready to testify?” He asked softly as she rolled off the bed and stood up.

“As ready as I’ll ever be,” Grace said, cringing as a wave of vertigo hit her.

“You do know what you're doing right Grace?” Alejandro said, worry lines etched into his forehead. “You do know that your testimony will put him behind bars for a long time.”

Grace nodded as she picked up the tray from the floor. She took up the single red rose that she hadn’t noticed before.

“This is so beautiful.”

“It reminded me of you,” Alejandro said gently as he moved into sitting position.

Grace’s heart melted at that. She crawled back onto the bed to kiss him gently on the lips. “Thank you,” She whispered.

Alejandro captured her face in his hands before she could retreat. “You’re welcome.”

He deepened the kiss. And for a few minutes, neither of them said anything.

When they finally broke away, there was a concerned look on Alejandro’s face. “Are you sure about this?” He asked.

Grace sighed. “You think I shouldn’t testify?” She asked, searching his face.

“God, no,” Alejandro said, his expression aghast. “I’m just saying, when you take that stand, make sure you say words that you can live with.”

“I wasn’t planning to lie,” Grace said, slowly.

“I know,” Alejandro countered evenly. “But I also know you, Grace. And I don’t know if you’re ready for him to be held accountable for his actions.”

“You think I’m going to fudge my testimony to make him look good?” Grace asked incredulously.

Alejandro shrugged. “I know you, Grace Harringdale. You have compassion that is as strong as a tsunami. You always see the good in people, even when they don’t deserve it. And Johnny doesn’t deserve it. I just don't want you to make that mistake today.”

“Well, I won’t,” Grace said, her expression sure. “Johnny is dangerous and I’m going to play my part in making sure he is held accountable.”

Alejandro searched her face for another long minute before he nodded. “Okay.”

Grace grinned and pressed another kiss to his lips before she got up to take a shower.

“I’ve ironed a suit for you to wear,” Alejandro said lazily as he watched her walk across the room, in the nude.

“Really?” Grace asked over her shoulder. “Which one?”

“The black skirt suit.”

Grace raised a brow at that.

“It makes you look very professional,” He said smiling “And your ass looks phenomenal in it,” Alejandro finished with a smirk.

Grace laughed and wiggled her hips at him before she went to take a shower.

Grace thought about his acts of kindness as she turned on the hot water and started washing her hair. Today was going to be a hard day. But she was happy that she had a man like Alejandro who wanted to support her in any way he could.  She was lucky to have found him. He was smart, kind and considerate. Everything she wanted in a partner.

Everything Johnny had never been.

Grace ignored the lump in her throat as she got ready for the trial…

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