Whatever we do, we cannot help it if there are days wherein everything seems to be boring. You don’t have to worry though, because we are one step ahead of you. Are you interested in making your nights a bit spicier and a lot more interesting? Ready yourself, because with this list of the best gay or lesbian short fictions or series of 2020, the unique and pants-piercing stories you’ll face will surely keep you sweaty all night long.

Desire (5 Book Series), by Ty Debauchee

It’s fun to play basketball, and to secretly desire someone from your team too. Well, that’s what Garrett thinks about his teammate named Ty. At first, he was just pleasuring himself with his girlfriend’s boasting about his biggest asset. However, he is suddenly pumped by his guilty excitement of showering with Ty and other members of the team after one successful game.

Ty, on the other hand, is still resistant to sudden changes that may occur once he decides to take his chance with Garrett. Still willing to risk and try, the two embark on an uncertain journey of love and hiding from their homophobic friends. There is no clue whether Garrett and Ty will make it together unless you unfold the pages of this breath-taking book by Debauchee.

All Out: The No-Longer-Secret Stories of Queer Teens Throughout the Ages, by Saundra Mitchell

What could possibly happen if seventeen authors come across each other to share their stories? Of course, a brilliant and an awe-inspiring book that will cater to people in different walks of life. Imagine, not just one but a lot of queer stories will be shared through a single book!

All Out gives us diversity across periods, culture, and identities from telling the perspective of two women falling for each other, to a soldier who claims to be a transgender in the middle of a war, to an impermissible love in a convent, and a woman who is about to discover her true identity. Brace yourself and enter different life stories with this captivating book compiled and written by Mitchell.

Burn Our Bodies Down, by Rory Power

Margot is searching for the missing pieces of her past. Sure, it’s been pretty good to grow up with her mother but that’s all she has and nothing more. One day, she just decided that she wants to meet her father and other people connecting to their family line. So she journeyed in Phalene, a town she saw from a photograph that might give her something about her past.

When the town people saw Margot, they instantly knew where she belonged. As she spends days in Phalene, Margot suddenly realizes why her mother chose to leave the place and protect her from the poison of the past. However, it might be too late to leave the place now. Read this book from Power, and prepare yourself for the darkest and most erotic adventure of your life!

The Pull of the Stars, by Emma Donoghue

In the middle of battling a pandemic, Julia, a nurse who works 24/7 to help and save women who are all carriers of the widely spreading virus, thinks that there will be no way out of this situation now. However, two strangers named Kathlyn Lynn and Bridie Sweeney stepped on Julia’s way.

Together, the three women delve in a dark and intense journey of changing lives and trying to survive the situation. They lost some patients but they are given a fresh and new life after. Join the three characters in their battle by reading this intriguing page turner by Donoghue.

Quickies: Short Short Fiction on Gay Male Desire

You will never have to deal with boring and lifeless nights with the exhilarating pages of this book! If you are looking for intense gay adult scenes, then this is your book to go. Involving 69 stories from 69 well-known writers, Quickies will give you short sexy stories, with each story not exceeding four pages, to fulfill your sexual desires. This is not your usual-erotic-book if that’s what you are thinking, so get ready and indulge yourself with this spell-binding book tonight!

Her Body and Other Parties: Stories, by Carmen Maria Machado

Another compilation of stories is willing to welcome you today! Machado, a seasoned writer, shows the idea and inner desires of women in diverse genres such as thriller, science fiction, comedy, suspense, horror, and a lot more.

With a touch of muscular feminism, you will get to read and observe how women are treated and how they react to different life scenarios. From the story of a wife, a woman who recalls her sexual experiences in the middle of a plague, a salesclerk, to ghost and doppelgangers stories, Carmen Machado will show you fresh perspectives of women from all sorts of life.

Lot: Stories, by Bryan Washington

A lot of stories can revolve around Houston, a city that holds different lives that may or may not intersect with each other. Considered as one of the best gay and queer books in 2020, Washington opens up a new world where we can see different perspectives of a son, a wife, a drug dealer, and others.

Home is a difficult place to find but you can find it here. Let this book embrace and teach you to be comfortable with your own self.

Brokeback Mountain, by Annie Proulx

Imagine being isolated with someone of the same sex. Of course, we expect that friendship will develop but not with Jack and Ennis. Both a camp tender and a sheepherder, the two need to fight their sexual desires as they share the same tent in a remote place one summer. They developed not just friendship but more than that.

After that event, they went on with their lives, got married, made children, but they realized that those are just to fit the societal standards that burden them for the past years. Read and unfold how Jack and Ennis fight for the important thing in their lives through this riveting book by Proulx.

Say goodbye to lonely days and routine procedures. With these best gay or lesbian erotica short fictions, you can be rest assured that you won’t be having boring nights anymore! Check the list out completely so that you can carefully pick out your favorites one by one, and make sure you have enough room because these books will take your breath away.