I Am Not A Lesbian by Leslie Dominic


A personal message from the author:

Recently, something reminded me of my first encounter into the lesbian world so I used that memory to write this story. I have been a lesbian ever since.

— Leslie Dominic

Two women have been friends for a long time, are both in pretty easygoing relationships with two other guys, but one night, they engage in erotic love making while protesting to themselves and each other – “I am not a lesbian!”

This bisexual erotic tale will thrill and excite you as you read this tale of bisexual erotica. Later Laura invites the other they to attend a house party at someone’s private mansion with many bedrooms.

Will it happen again?
Will the LGBT attraction will out. What will they tell their boyfriends?
This story with erotic detail is beyond steamy! Definitely NSFW!


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