Pleasures of Promise Lake by Marti Shane


Promise Lake Series Book 1

Waking up from a nightmare shouldn't feel this good. Sam faced her worst fear, trapped in her sinking car, when the bridge to her cabin gave way. Waking up in Jake's arms, she gets what all the fuss is about. The sexy major league star really is the whole package, but she's breaking her top two rules. Despite saving her life, Jake's not only a client, he's her ex's best friend.

Jake’s in Promise Lake to set the record straight with Sam. Mitch is now her ex because of him. Not sorry. Confessions have to wait when her car tumbles from the bridge. Pulling her into his arms is better than he imagined. A cramped cabin, deserted lake and undeniable attraction unleash their darkest desires. Yeah, she’ll be breaking her rules, because he won’t be leaving without her.

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