An Immoral Erotic Parable of American Eve & African Adam


Holy Jest in New Genesis: Lucifer asked God to crack a devilish interracial sex joke

What if the First Man Adam is black?

When God The Maker cracks a joke, we have explosive interracial sex exploit that makes Fifty Shades look tame.

Is it the one life choice of Katheryn Kellington – a well-bred, well-schooled southern belle – to pursue in college a study of African history — particularly the importation of negro slaves and slavery’s role in The American Civil War — that leads to her corruption and taboo interracial lust?

Is her story of orgasmic discovery more sinister, enabled by Lucifer the Devil?

Katheryn Kellington is the American Eve and Massai Mobuku the African Adam.

Lucifer intends their interracial sex to be natural, inevitable, and God-sanctioned. And torrid, gripping, aboveboard; nothing less will entice.

And, what has an ad in a classy women's magazine got to do with this?

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