Looking for a good love story to start the spring season? Interested in something relaxing to enjoy on a sunny day while chilling in your backyard or a park? There are plenty of sexy romance books out there, whether you are after a romantic comedy or a problematic affair with drama. Here are some of the most seductive recent releases to capture your attention and hook you in.

Plane To Seoul, by H. Atmenmeer

This is an amazing sex book and one of the must read interracial erotic novels out there. It is fun to read, relaxing, biting and quirky. It is far from the classic cliché with a man as a predator and the woman as the prey – it is something new that will make your heart beat faster.

Forget about the beautiful women who feel miserable while crying and hoping to find their princes. Forget about women who have to wait in order to have sex or find love. This book is about women who know how to have fun and feel free to explore their sexuality.

The story is relatively short and brings in a bit of excitement, a traveling experience and lot of eroticism. It has great humor at times, but also sensuality throughout each chapter. It empowers women and features a fulfilling end that will make you want more.

Love Her Or Lose Her, by Tessa Baile

This book follows Dominic and Rosie. They are together since high school and they are best friends, as well as a popular couple. However, love seems to be gone after all this time. Dominic is a great husband and a faithful partner, but he is no longer the man Rosie fell in love with a decade ago.

Now, she wants something new and exciting in her life. She wants to open a restaurant, but she decides to take this venture even further and books a marriage boot camp for them. Would her husband agree to relationship therapy with a weed smoking guru who looks like a hippie?

Surprisingly enough for her, the ex-soldier agrees to this camp. Things go in the wrong direction, as Rosie also realizes something is wrong with her too. They manage to complete all assignments and things seem to be fine, but then, Rosie discovers Dominic's secret.

Tweet Cute, by Emma Lord

Pepper is the captain of the swimming team. She is a perfectionist and while her family looks like it may fall apart, their business rocks thanks to Pepper. Then, Jack is the class clown, but he also works hard in his family's little restaurant. Things go wrong when Pepper's company steals Jack's grilled cheese recipe.

The two parts end up in an iconic war over Twitter. The war goes viral and memes come out, while everyone else is having a laugh. However, the two are also on an anonymous chat application designed by Jack and unsurprisingly, they end up in a chat without knowing who they are.

Their relationship grows stronger, but their Twitter battle escalates. The two rivals fail to realize that they are actually in love with each other. Will they manage to find a middle solution? Will their love be able to overcome the issues associated with their businesses?

In Five Years, by Rebecca Serle

New York City lawyer Dannie Kohan has the interview of her career. She is then asked the classic question – where do you see yourself in five years? She kills the interview and her career glows. She also accepts her partner's proposal – life is good and nothing could go wrong.

When she wakes up one morning, everything changes to 180 degrees. She is in a different place. She has a ring on her finger and she sees a different man next to her. The TV is on and she checks the date on the news. It is the right date, but the year is wrong – five years ahead, in 2025.

She has a surprising hour and no clues about what is going on, but then, she wakes up again. This time, everything is right. She ignores the experience because she does not believe in the vision. But four and a half years later, she meets the man she saw in her unusual experience.

She's Faking It, by Kristin Rockaway

Bree's reality is far from what she has expected. Things could be much better, of course. But then, she fails to realize what her actual goals and dreams are. She drops out of college and she enjoys a quiet life while delivering food – pretty boring as well.

But then, Bree gets online and starts a new Instagram account. One of her posts goes viral when it is noticed by Demi DiPalma, a lifestyle guru. Bree ends up being an Instagram influencer overnight and her life has never been more exciting. Is this the career that she wants to go for?

Things start lining up for the new influencer. Her career glows. Her life goals become clearer than ever. Then, she even starts a relationship with a handsome guy living next door – Trey. However, Bree is about to find out that the faster you go up, the faster you go down too.

Misadventures With A Firefighter, by Julie Morgan

When you think about good looking firefighters, your mind inevitably flows to sexy romance books. Julie Morgan's release follows Cara's story. She is a teacher in New York City and has a bright feature – therefore, she is less likely to allow men to distract her. Plus, she has had a few failed relationships before.

On the other hand, Noah is a firefighter. Not only is he good looking, but he also has a big heart and can make everyone's day better. He raises a kid by himself and he does anything he can to protect his little one. One day, Cara and Noah meet in a club and sparks go around everywhere.

The two have a classic one night stand, then another one and so on. They go against their will, but they love the time they spend together. Each of them has bigger goals in mind, but then, can they actually make it work?

His Virgin Queen, by MINK

This is one of the best erotic novels out there if you want a bit of passion and forbidden action. A bride is given to seal a deal and to establish an alliance. Sophia has a bit of faith in this arranged marriage, but she is given to Antonia Tuscani – his reputation makes it clear that she is less likely to ever achieve her dreams.

The wedding day approaches and one of the guests has a different plan in mind. Nick DaVinci is not there to celebrate, but to seek vengeance. The assassin gets the job done and notices the innocent bride as she watches the whole show.

He wants her now. He is the head of a powerful mafia family in the city and he does not mess around when he wants something. He realizes that Sophia is not just a mafia princess – she has queen potential and he wants her by his side.

Misadventures Of A Biker, by Scott Hildreth

Devin has just come out of prison, but there is a condition he has to meet. He needs to find a job as quickly as possible or he will go back. He has no clue how to use a computer and he is not too friendly with people, yet he decides to apply for a job with a reputable real estate company.

The company is run by Teddi Mack, who is specialized in luxurious mansions on the beach front. She needs a new receptionist, so she gets her assistant to hire someone. She ends up interviewing Devin – loads of tattoos, a language that could use some refinement and an unconventional appearance.

He is hired on the spot and he uses his connections to help the company. But then, Teddi and Devin fall for each other. They risk a lot and they have different backgrounds and goals. They are completely opposite – will they manage to ride along?

Sweet Cruelty, by Zoe Blake

Zoe Blake starts this story with a simple and innocent mistake. This girl knocks on the wrong door and things escalate immediately. She meets a man who is far from what she might expect – a terrible man who, instead of directing her, he decides to take her over.

He was craving for her fresh appearance and he developed an obsession or her. She was pure and had a sweet appearance, while he had a dark soul that would feel no compassion – he wanted to possess her in a sexual way.

He is a Russian arms dealer. She is an innocent librarian student. One thing leads to another and the two opposites end up sharing a story of passion and suffering.

Bottom line, these are some of the most appealing sexy romance books to try out these days, whether you are after something light and romantic or something more aggressive and sexual – there is something for everyone out there.