Plane To Seoul by H. Atmenmeer


A personal message from the author:

I wanted to write about sex. Always wanted to but I never had the bottle until now. I wanted to write the kind of sex stories that I wanted to read when I was eighteen, but could not find anywhere. Everything I read was about conquest and a woman defeated through her body, in order to have sex and/or to find love. The man was always a predator and the woman always prey, even if she was successful in the end. Also, these women always had to be beautiful. And they always cried or were utterly miserable at some point, even if they found love and there was a happy ending.

I want my women to have sex, and possible find love, without being conquered or hurt and without having to be beautiful. I want them to have fun. I don’t want them to be passive. I don’t want them to wait for sex. I don’t want them to be put through the grinder to have sex. I want them to get their rocks off without humiliation, constraint or pain or having to cry buckets.

I also want the reader to get their rocks off.

I also want to crack jokes. And you know what? I still cannot find these body positive, sex positive, women positive, fun stories anywhere. So, I decided to write one and share it out. 

— H. Atmenmeer

Fun Summer Sex.

She's on holidays in the exotic city of Seoul, South Korea. She's all fired up for a bit of summer action. She doesn't care where he comes from, as long as she can shag him silly. As it turns out, that's exactly what he's after too. But can they get it on, if it is an improper thing to do?

A romp in English with a smattering of French and Korean, just enough to get them in the right place and in the right mood. Guaranteed minimal angst!

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