The Revelation by Salena Paey


The Immortal Series Book 1

A personal message from the author:

I wrote this book after watching the TV series Lucifer. I was just sitting there one day and just thought to myself “what would life be like if angels were real?” and before I knew it, I had written an entire book.

— Salena Paey

The immortals believe humans to be beneath them, but when a relic goes missing, a human is just what they need to avoid a deadly fate.

Bounty hunter Raevin has taken on more jobs than she can count, from more clients than she dared to remember but, she never thought she'd be employed by angels.

Romance was never part of the plan but, working alongside Archangel Zephyr is more temptation than Raevin can handle and not even she can resist the urge to sin.

As Raevin faces her most difficult hunt, a bond is formed, and now she must fight for her life while trying to survive in the world where immortals play.

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