If you think erotica isn't mainstream today, you are pretty wrong! We would like to show you that popular mainstream books have a lot to do with erotica! 

Whether you are into medieval fiction, fantasy or thriller books, nothing beats some good R rated novels every once in a while. You need to change the scenario and bring in a bit of love, eroticism and romance and luckily, there are plenty of good options on the market. Mixed in with some thriller, action or just pure love and lust, any of these books can make your heartbeat race.

Fifty Shades of Grey, by E. L. James

There are three books in this series and the first one is likely to have the greatest impact on you – the others are just following up. The book follows Anastasia's story. The student interviews entrepreneur Christian and she finds an intimidating man whose attraction she cannot resist.

She feels an incredible attraction and she knows she wants him – so much that she becomes desperate. However, Christian loves Anastasia's independent spirit and agrees he finds her very attractive too. He is not up or a real relationship though, as he has his own secret terms.

This is when the action begins. Anastasia is exposed to a plethora of erotic activities and unusual tastes. Despite being successful and having a beautiful family, Christian is actually possessed by a demon that makes him want to be in control at all times.

Bared to You, by Sylvia Day

This is one of the best romance novels for adults if you are after a bit of action and darkness with a sense of romance and eroticism. Gideon Cross came into her life like the sunshine. He was good looking, clever and successful. She was instantly attracted to him.

She knew he would eventually hurt her, but she simply could not resist the temptation. She was craving for his breath close to her mouth or his touch. But then, Gideon knew about it. He knew he was irresistible and he knew his demons would eventually make him go crazy.

Eventually, the two start bonding and match like two raindrops. They complete each other and love is sensational. The sex is great and things seem to go accordingly, but she is worried that his past will eventually get back and tear them apart.

A Court of Thorns and Roses, by Sarah J. Mass

Magic, love and lust – what else can you ask for in one of the best R rated novels out there? The story follows Feyre. She is trained to hunt and kill. Her survival depends on these skills. But then, her life is cold and dark, as she lives in a forest covered in darkness.

One day, she sees a deer getting chased by a wolf. She decides she wants a piece of that deer and she goes for it. However, to win this battle, she must handle the wolf first. Eventually, she wakes up captured in a completely different kingdom – she had failed.

She finds out that her captor is hidden behind a mask. He has green eyes and seems hostile, but his hostility will soon start turning into passion. Love and lust kick in, but Feyre knows that her love is cursed and must fight to break this curse. Will she manage to do it?

Wallbanger, by Alice Clayton

Caroline finds a new apartment and moves in straight away. Located in a nice part of San Francisco, this apartment has a catch – one of her neighbors has some weird adventures a night. Paper thin walls allow all kinds of noises into her bedroom – from beds banging against walls to women screaming all night long.

Different voices, different partners – he is a player. Her neighbor is definitely an attractive man and while she knows that he is not interested in a relationship, Caroline simply cannot resist the temptation and decides to go in for a bite. Her fantasies drive her insane.

Boosting sexual frustration and dressed in a pink nightie, Caroline decides to knock on his door one night because of the noise. However, the tension between the two is palpable and Caroline is just about to start the experience of a lifetime.

Tangled, by Emma Chase

Drew is a handsome man. He is extremely successful and boosts arrogance. He can seduce women by looking at them and has a few loyal friends. Everything seems to be perfect in his life, but then, he spends a whole week feeling miserable in his apartment. Officially, he has the flu. No one really believes it.

Katherine is just as ambitious. She is driven to reach success. She is clever and beautiful. She becomes a new associate at Drew's father's company and the competition with Drew is harsh. She kicks in like a hurricane, aiming to change everything around – and Drew finds it impossible to resist her.

Things were perfect and Drew seemed to have everything he wanted, but his confidence is ruined by Katherine. This is one of the biggest challenges he has ever had to handle. Will he manage to discover love and win at this aspect of life too? Will he end up on his knees?

Gabriel's Inferno, by Sylvain Reynard

There are more books in this collection, but this one is likely to change your perception over eroticism and love – by far one of the best romance novels for adults. It follows Gabriel Emerson, a respected professor with an enigmatic appeal and a sexy appearance. While moral at day, nights are different.

Every night, the professor enjoys an uninhibited lifestyle based on lust and pleasure. He uses his brain and good looks to get any woman he wants. He is great at it and he gets different women night by night. However, his past is quite dark and at some point, he believes it will come back to haunt him.

One day, innocent Julia Mitchell becomes his student. He senses a mysterious connection with the sweet student. He finds an incredible attraction towards her. While he risks his career, he discovers a journey that will make him rediscover himself and perhaps overcome the fears associated with his past too.

Outlander, by Diana Gabaldon

The action takes place in 1945. Claire Randall used to be a combat nurse. She is back from the war now. After years of fear and insecurity, she is back together with her husband. The two decide to take a second honeymoon, as they feel like life has just started again. They decide to visit British isles.

As she walks around one day, she ends up feeling an unusual entity around an ancient circle and wakes up in a different world. She is in Scotland and she is an outlander. She is in 1743 and war is all around her. She cannot understand what is going on and she ends up protected by James Fraser.

The Scottish warrior gives her the protection she needs, but she also shows her what real love means. Claire is now torn between two different worlds. She is torn between two different men. She wants to follow her brain, but her desire for lust is too strong.

Ugly Love, by Colleen Hoover

Love can be beautiful, but it can also get ugly at times. Tate meats Miles. Miles is an airline pilot. She feels an attraction for him, but she knows it is not love. They are not even friends, but they only know each other. There is one thing they have in common – passion.

They experience a mutual passion for each other. Things go out in the open and there are no other secrets, so they get to action. The setup is perfect. He wants sex and so does she. None of them wants or has time for love, so the situation is perfect. There are only two rules.

Never bother about the past and never expect a future. It sounds like they can handle these rules, but a few wrong moves prove them wrong. This is when rules are shattered and everything is ruined – this is when love gets ugly.

Beautiful Disaster, by Jamie McGuire

Abby is what most people would classify as a nice and good girl. She does not smoke, swear or drink. She is polite and friendly and she wears cardigans. Her past is different though – in fact, this is exactly why she is like this today. She believes the darkness in her past is history now.

However, she ends up in college with her best friends. The two decide to start a new life together and come up with some great memories. Things change when she decides to walk into a walking one night stand event. She ends up matched with Travis – lean, good looking and covered in tattoos. A bad boy.

Travis is the type of man that can trigger Abby like a drug. She wants him, but she knows she has to avoid him. She manages to resist him, but a bet sends her straight into his arms – a bet on abstinence with some serious consequences.

Bottom line, the above mentioned titles are some of the most exciting R rated novels to try – some of them coming with interesting follow ups. Mixing it a bit of action and mystery as well, they will most likely hook you up and give you something interesting to think about.