Excellent for certain times of the day or night, erotica is one of my favorites. But then, a short story is often more appreciated than a long novel.

Sometimes, you don’t really want to spend five nights reaching the end. Instead, a short story to hook you in for an hour or so is more than enough.

With these thoughts in mind, 2023 seems to be an excellent year if you’re after an erotic story collection. Here are some of my favorites so far.

What Are The Recent Steamy Erotic Short Story Collections?

A Short Stack of Sex and Other Stories, by K.A. Rupp (2023)

A Short Stack of Sex and Other Stories is a collection of 21 short stories that immediately dive into titillating settings, eliminating the need to skip ahead to the naughty scenes as in other steamy romance novels. The stories are primarily focused on the erotic elements, offering readers a chance to indulge in their fantasies without having to invest too much time in character development or plot.

In addition to the quickies, the book includes eight short stories that cover a range of genres, from fantasy to contemporary, providing a more nuanced exploration of sexuality and desire. The book also features a few dirty limericks, adding a touch of humor to the mix. Overall, A Short Stack of Sex and Other Stories offers readers a diverse and satisfying read for those looking for steamy romance and eroticism, with a blend of quickies and short stories that cater to different tastes.

Sexting, by KC Prescott (2023)

It all started with a text message, on a random Monday… Carol has no idea who it’s from. It could be a secret admirer, but it could be a dangerous stalker as well. She likes the adrenaline and the idea of sex, so she doesn’t care too much. Her marriage is a wreck anyway…

Then, texts become more and more invasive. She's addicted to them, and she loves them. It's not called cheating if she doesn't touch and kiss someone else, is it? Well, this is only one of the erotic stories you'll find in this marvelous collection.

An intimate dinner party, a forbidden desire between two cousins, a masquerade ball where anyone can be whoever they want behind a mask, and sex with an exotic stranger on a beach in Jamaica. There are lots of different stories in all kinds of scenarios, so there’s something for everyone in this collection.

The best ones? To me, the tabu ones are killing it, but I guess everyone has different preferences. Personally, the sinful story of two cousins who see each other after five years is the best.

Erotic Story Collection 15, by Dante X (2023)

This erotic short story collection is part of a longer series. I haven't read the whole collection yet, but I've been through most of it, and I think this one is the best. There are eight different stories or books in this collection, and they won't disappoint.

Dante X has quite a reputation when it comes to erotic stories, and these ones won't disappoint either. My favorite one? China Girl, the first one! It could be because I have a thing for Asian culture, but it has a pretty tabu plot as well.

Shared Wife with a Stranger? Just as good, in my opinion, but I also recommend Katarina and Sexting with Lynn. I think sexting is a pretty interesting thing because it leaves a lot of room for imagination, hence its popularity in erotica these days.

One more thing before I move on to the next release… Dante X's work is raw and often inspired by personal experiences, so that makes it even better.

60 Stories of Complete and Utter Naughtiness, by Violet Skye (2023)

Get ready for the most comprehensive erotic short story collection of the year so far. No matter what kinks you’re into, chances are you’ll find it here. And trust me when I say it’s a pretty explicit piece of work that will make you blush.

One page after another, filled with naughtiness and explicit work. You’ll literally see those things in front of your eyes. From swapping wives and tabu stories with siblings to horny teenagers and naughty bosses, there’s everything you can imagine in this collection.

There are over 2,000 pages for your pleasure over 60 different stories, so they’re quite short, but long enough to bring in a few plot twists.

Burning Desires 80 Erotic Short Stories, by Megan Jenson (2023)

Megan Jenson has gained a good reputation with her erotic stories, many of them released in bigger collections. I've been through most of her work, and I believe this erotic short story collection is the best, at least in terms of how it makes you feel while going through it.

Chris is 19, and he's a virgin. He goes for a job at a local gym, and he's interviewed by Dani. She's in her 30s and brings in a stunning gym body. But as she gives Chris a tour of the gym, she thinks he's a fresh piece of meat who she could have some fun with, so she starts leading him in a different direction.

This is only the eighth story, my favorite. It's just so well detailed, and if you go to the gym, it will trigger some of your wildest fantasies straight away.

There are over 2,500 words of lust and naughtiness spread over 80 different stories. Some of them are actual and related to our society, while others take you back to Victorian times. Definitely a must read!

Erotic Short Stories, by Katrin Sweet (2022)

Katrin Sweet is one of my favorite erotic authors. This is the first major collection released, and while not as comprehensive as others in my list, trust me, you won't be disappointed. There are nine erotic tales in this collection.

The best part about it? They’re based on real stories. Follow Angela on a day at work that seemed like any other. Then, explore Samantha's darkest desires, or perhaps let your imagination picture Amy as the ultimate temptation. And these are only a few examples…

Whether you're a man or a woman, this collection will impress you with its vivid details. Every experience is well described, you’ll almost be able to see it happening in front of your eyes, but based on your own fantasies, of course.

To me, this is not an erotic short story collection, but a collection of fantasies and wet dreams we’ve all had at some point. And the best part is you can let your imagination go wild with your own real life characters based on the ones depicted in these stories.

Final Thoughts on new Erotic Short Story Collections

Bottom line, no matter what erotic short story collection you pick for your lonely nights, any of the above-mentioned titles will give you something nice to dream or fantasize about.

Despite introducing you to five of my favorite collections only, you have dozens of different stories that will keep you busy for quite a while.