Alpha Wolf Protectors by Lilly Wilder


Alpha Protectors Book 1

Reverse Harem Rejected Mate Romance

Marked as a traitor after abandoning my pack and choosing to join another, I was being hunted by the man who rejected me.

Cursed as a half-breed, ignored and unwanted, I was an outcast amongst my pack.
I had dealt with a lifetime of abuse, with Ward as my only ally.
When faced with the news of his betrayal and union to a full-blood wolf, I had no reason to stay.

In a new town and with a new pack, I'm accepted and protected by three.
Have I found the place where I belong or am I being used for what I know?

Ward is determined to drag me back to the pack now that I am important to them.
Caught between the pack who only seeks to silence me and the one who seeks to use my body and learn my secrets.

Who can I trust?


Excerpt from Alpha Wolf Protectors © Copyright 2023 Lilly Wilder

Chapter One


His breath was hitting my throat. His hands were placed upon my body. I could see the intense desire in his eyes and it scared me. He twirled blonde strands of hair around his finger and whispered in my ear.

“I think it’s time I see what you really have to offer this pack,” Mitch growled. I cowered and shuddered in fright, turning my face away from him. A whimper escaped my trembling lips. My heart thudded in my chest and all I wanted was for the world to open up and swallow me whole. It wasn’t as though I had been doing anything to invite him; all I’d been doing was my duties in cleaning up the place. Then his hands were upon me, as though he had the right. I guess, as the Alpha he thought he had the right, but it didn’t seem that way from my point of view.

“I… I’m already promised to Ward,” I stammered out. I could feel the anger pouring out of Mitch. His grip on my hair tightened. I winced in pain. Tears glistened in my eyes as it quickly dawned on me that there was no escape.

“Ward is just a pup. He’s always been too soft on you. Maybe this will help toughen him up, and it’ll show me what a half breed bitch like you has to offer us,” he snarled. He dragged his hand down my body and I squirmed uneasily. Fear and anger swirled inside me and I wanted so badly to embrace the primal part of me, but when Mitch realized this, it didn’t have the effect I wanted.

“Yes, that’s it, show me what you really are,” he hissed, and I realized that he wanted me to change. I couldn’t give him the satisfaction. I wouldn’t, so I kept the wolf part of me locked deep inside. If there was anything I could do to resist and stop him from getting what he wanted, then I had to do it. I began to disappear inside myself, resigning myself to what was happening. I wanted to find a deep dark part of myself and just leave this place, this place in which I had clearly never belonged.

Then the door opened.

“What the hell are you doing Mitch?” Ward asked. My hero. My fucking hero. Ward strode into the room. Mitch let go of me, standing back. He laughed.

“Just having a little fun Ward,” he said. Relief drained from me and if I hadn’t been leaning against the wall, I would have fallen to the floor completely. Mitch sauntered away without a care in the world, as if he hadn’t done anything wrong. I blinked away my tears and looked to my hero, but to my horror she was standing beside him, Charlotte, the raven-haired pure blood that looked at me as though I was scum.

“Don’t go to her Ward, you know she would have asked for it. You know how desperate she’s been. She would have done anything to be protected,” Charlotte said.

I turned and screamed. My throat became raw.

“Leave us,” Ward said. Charlotte looked indignant, but she obeyed Ward anyway. It was her place to obey.

Ward approached with soft words and a gentle touch. He took off his jacket and wrapped it around my shoulders, although I continued to tremble. I was awash with the scent of him, and it was almost enough to burn away the shame of being groped and fondled by Mitch.

“What happened?” he asked.

“What do you think happened?” I replied, every word punctuated with a sense of dread. “It’s the same thing that’s always happened. I’m just seen as some piece of meat here. I can’t ever be myself. I’m just a half breed and I’ll never be anything more.”

“You know you’re not that to me.”

His words cut through my sorrow and my aching soul was soothed for a moment. I turned towards him and nuzzled into him, breathing in the sweet scent and feeling the strong aura that emanated from his body. I took in everything about him. He always had a certain way of calming my soul. I pressed my hand against his chest, and then looked up at him with liquid eyes. My lips parted naturally and I leaned in to kiss him, but he turned away.

It hurt more than anything Mitch had done or was going to do.

“I can’t Lacey,” he whispered.

“Why not? I pledged myself to you, Ward. I thought you wanted this?”

“I… I did, but things have changed.”

“Things… you mean Charlotte,” I said, the words dripping from my tongue bitterly. He shifted. I was so attuned to the movements of his body that I could sense the shift in tension and I hated it.

I stepped back, creating distance between us.

“Yes,” he said. Shame was etched upon his face, and a sense of betrayal was in my heart. “You know I don’t want to hurt you-”

“Then why do this?” I shot back.

He swallowed a lump in his throat and licked his lips. “I have to Lacey. The pack expects certain things of me and-”

“And they don’t want you to mate with a half breed? Do you really believe this or is Charlotte just feeding you lies?”

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