A Short Stack of Sex and Other Stories by K.A. Rupp


Have you ever just skipped to the naughty scenes in romance novels?

There is no need to in A Short Stack of Sex and Other Stories. 21 lustily lush quickies jump straight into titillating settings.

This compilation also includes 8 short stories ranging from the fantastical to contemporary and a few dirty limericks.

The author was born and raised in Southern California in the region known as the Inland Empire. She has traveled to several countries and has discovered beautiful people in each location. She loves mythology- particularly Greek- and when she visited the Parthenon she felt like a kid in a candy store.

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Excerpt from A Short Stack of Sex and Other Stories © Copyright 2023 K.A. Rupp

Winter Coats

We stop in front of my apartment door. Being a gentleman, he insisted on walking me to it despite the elevator being broken and having to walk up five floors. I am (or will be in two seconds after I catch my breath) very happy he is here by me. I take my time turning the lock and opening the door. The prolonged key action serves two purposes: the continuation of attempting to regulate my breathing – fucking New York with its winter storms that apparently wreak havoc on elevators – and to gather my remaining courage to ask him inside in an overnight capacity for the first time.

When I finally face him, our eyes lock. The kind of eye lock one witnesses in Hallmark movies. I smile and that is all the encouragement he needs to lean forward. Our lips meet in the middle and we keep kissing even as he backs me into the apartment. Once in, I shut the door. He presses me against it and I nibble on his lower lip. He moans his approval, so I suck on that plump lower lip. I release it to undress him. I make quick work of his one jacket and long sleeve button up shirt then help him with my large winter overcoat.

“There are hidden buttons,” I explain. Soon enough, I toss the coat into the corner and we resume kissing.

He pulls away moments later to focus on a stubborn button that refuses to cooperate at the top of my second jacket. Once it falls, I kick it away from our feet. Thankfully, my third jacket has only a zipper – until I realize it is hanging awkwardly around my waist.

“The sash needs to be untied,” I mutter, the material obstructing the progression of getting naked. After he unties it, his hand rests on my chest. He squeezes once.

“How many clothes do you have on?” he asks, his voice a proper New Yorker accent and full of humor.

“Enough to survive the snow,” I reply.

He laughs. “The walk to the restaurant was only ten minutes.”

“I am going to remind you that I am from Southern California and leave it at that.”

“Were your multiple layers the reason you got to the restaurant early? And the reason you spent five minutes at the coat check when we were ready to leave?”

“Yes, to both. And it was not five minutes. It was only two. Please recall the dress I am wearing. I need a lot of protection from potential frost bite.”

He kisses me swiftly. “I will never forget the dress you are wearing. When you rose to greet me, it took my entire being not to bend you over and fuck you right on the table.” His tone turns husky with lust and my panties become wet. “You are so beautiful,” he mummers. He kisses my neck, pressing me harder against the door. He positions himself comfortably between my legs so that his penis thrusts against me. I snake a leg around him. He removes my fourth layer, a sweater, quickly. The faint street lights from the window embrace every muscular curve of his chest. His very well-toned biceps cast their own shadows. The sight of his naked chest causes my knees to tremble.

“Let me just remove the rest of my layers,” I squeak. The faster the layers are off, the faster this amazingly handsome man with the super ripped body will be naked against me. I remove two button-up sweaters, one regular sweater, and a long sleeve shirt. All the while he watches, amused, a smile playing at the corner of his lips. When at last my tight strapless mid- thigh length black dress is uncovered, he lowers his head to kiss my breasts. Without a word he lifts me up and I wrap my legs around him. Our lips never part.

“Where is your bedroom?” he asks.

“Literally around the corner. The second door.” He carries me to the bedroom and gently lowers me onto the mattress. He smiles, shoving my dress upwards and exposing my stomach.

“I forgot you are wearing leggings. How many pairs do you have on?” he teases. “Just one.”

“Lucky me.”

I laugh at him. Soon I feel the material removed. I moan, my hands immediately grasping his hair as he kisses my clit through my panties. A second later the panties are gone, and he is kissing, sucking, and gently biting my clit. Without warning he slides a finger into me, all the while licking my core. My hips arch upward involuntarily.

“Yes,” I sigh as he slides a second finger in. The in and out motions of his fingers, along with the movement of his truly gifted tongue, send me over the edge. My thighs close upon his head as my body releases. He laps the aftershocks, only surfacing when he is freed from my thigh’s grip. I blow him a kiss.

“Lie on your back,” I order. “It is your turn.”

He obeys. I do not start kissing his lips and work my way downward. Next time. Tonight I am too impatient. I remove his boxers and pause, slightly nervous at the hardening beast before me.

“Are you ok?” he asks, tilting his head up from the pillow.

“Yes. I was just thinking how moments ago I thought your tongue was truly gifted. I was mistaken.”

“You flatter me,” he chuckles.

I blow him another kiss before cupping the lower part of his shaft. I lower my mouth over him, taking him as far as I can. I hear a moan. My tongue dances around his girth then caresses his length. Slowly, I begin to move my head while playing with his balls. Up, down. My tongue has some tricks of its own that I demonstrate on his person. He hisses my name. I flick the tip of his penis with my tongue then swallow him whole. Up, down. Up, down. I feel him grow harder each passing second.

“Cynthia, I want to be inside you,” his voice taut, almost a plea.

I lift my head, quickly jump from the bed to retrieve a condom from my dresser drawer, and am back on the bed before he can blink. I sheath his sword then climb on top of him.

Carefully, I ease myself on him. The penetration. I nearly cum a second time at the contact. “Are you ready?” I ask.


I begin to move, slowly at first. Moments later, I am using the headboard as leverage as I rock my body back and forth at porn-like speed. His nails dig into my hips as if he is holding on for dear life. Letting go of the headboard, my hands frame his head. I kiss him greedily without breaking speed. He tugs on my hair, pulling it back. He kisses my collar bone. He arches his hips and I gasp as his penis is thrust deeper into me. I rock back into him as he plows forward.

Minutes pass in this position. He flips me over with ease so I am beneath him. I rejoice as he re- enters me. He thrusts, sending my head to collide with the headboard.

“I am sorry. Are you all right?”

“I am fine.” I weave my arms around his chest, knowing it is my turn to hang on. “Do it again.” Being the gentleman, he places a pillow as a barrier then resumes. Our lips duel, our legs tangle, and I lower my hand to grip his firm ass.

“Frank, do not stop,” is my plea as the sensation builds. He thrusts again and again, my head still bumping into the headboard. I am flying, I muse as I am broken into a million delicious pieces. I scream his name. With one last thrust, he has his release. He kisses me softly after we catch our breath. Gently he pulls out. I close my eyes to offer him some privacy as he cleans up. Soon I feel the bed shift under his weight. I turn to him, eyes wide open. He has a goofy little smile on his face. He starts to laugh.


“To be honest, after the third jacket, I was not sure if I would ever see your naked body, let alone make love to you. You had so many winter coats on,” he razzes.

I laugh and take his hand to caress the length of my body. To show him that he does not have to worry about any more layers for tonight.

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