The Shoreline On South Beach by Jamel Rogers


A successful photographer, Antonio, is fascinated with the shoreline and captures the live scenery behind couples, women, and the waves that travels ashore. He treasures his photography as his grandfather and uncle remain in his corner supporting him. He vents to an old friend, Alicia. She’s a waitress at Club Explosion who leads him into an emotional wreck and a whole lot of mayhem in South Beach.

The book tells the story of Antonio, a photographer who loves taking pictures of the beach and the people there. His family supports him, but things get complicated when he reconnects with Alicia from Club Explosion. She brings drama to his life in South Beach, showing how life can be both beautiful like the sea and messy like tangled relationships.

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Excerpt from The Shoreline On South Beach © Copyright 2023 Jamel Rogers

Chapter 1-

Waves continuously crashed onto a surfboard that ripped in half and soon enough a high tide swam towards the shoreline. The forecast called for heavy showers and a strong wind current blew vigorously from the outer ends of the shore. The area stayed wet as rocks covered the sand and water began to splurge deeper in the sand. I decide to ride the storm out with my food, battery preparation, and photography equipment here at the house. My name is Antonio, and I am a photographer here at South Beach. I also dibble and dabble with some digital art during my free time while I’m suntanning.

“Hey Antonio, you coming with?” An old friend named Alicia asks.

Alicia is a vibrant light-skinned girl that has an average slim body type with long braids swinging inches down to the back of her neck. She wears this pink and white striped two-piece bikini. She ran toward me anticipating fear when she nearly trips on her way over to the shoreline.

“Oh my god, you are literally the fifth person evacuating from the storm,” I told her.

“You know I can’t stay here. You need to let that stuff go and save yourself. I know you blew up with all that photography equipment, but you literally got until the count of three to get in this jeep.”

The eyes between us glared like a duel between knights. She began counting.

“Alright then, 1…” Alicia spoke.

“No need to count it off, I made my decision,” I spoke.

“Alright, what’s the big deal? You going to miss some of those lady friends you been messing with if you leave this sacred place, ha-ha.” She joked.

“It’s not funny, I got this set up right after my grandfather passed away. He loved to see me reach my full potential as a kid. Now that he’s gone, I just feel like what’s the point of dodging storms.” I spoke.

“He’s not gone. He’s always in your heart. Just please, get in the truck. We don’t have much time.” She reminded me.

I smirked as I quickly hopped into her jeep as we rode through the evacuation route. At this moment, it was only three hours before we see any drop of the storm plummeting. I kept checking down at my iPhone with my face as still as an ice sculpture.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, it’s just I really was about to sit through a natural disaster over some photography equipment. That was embarrassing.”

“No, it was sweet. When I first moved here, I thought this hotshot dude was originally obsessed with his camera equipment. It’s good to see you got some layers in you.” “You mean substance.”

“Shut up. I guess you do have some substance and characteristics and I just couldn’t picture that.”

“Well, what about these characteristics?”

“I don’t know, I’m still trying to figure all of that out. You can only be in so many places, Antonio.”

“You got jokes.”

“Seriously though, we cool?”

“Yeah, we’re more than cool. I got you.”

We both glanced at one another and abruptly it poured faster at the jeep’s windshield. Alicia tried to turn on the wipers, but one ripped off leaving the bottom hook useless. We decided to pull over at the closest exit we could find. Still shivering from the excessive chilly debris, we stayed in the jeep overnight. I grabbed her hand and pulled her toward me as she got on top of my lap in the passenger’s side. The night resumed perfectly fine as if the storm shifted its route elsewhere. I looked her in her eyes.

“You so fine, you turn the ugliest storms away from existence.”

We made out and thrust up against each other the rest of the night.

The morning sun shined its way toward us. I decided to walk in and grab us a few snacks to take on our way back to Miami. She tapped my shoulder asking for some almond nuts and I went to grab two brisk teas and a blueberry muffin. I was at the checkout and paid for our snacks. The total came out to twelve dollars and luckily, I still had my credit card on me through the impact witnessed last night.

“Crazy weather we have been having. Have a good day sir.” A checkout guy named Santos says to me on my way out of the store.

I looked up at the clouds separating from the blue atmosphere. Alicia teased me for it before hopping back into her jeep. We rode back to the condo, and she laughed at this entire mishap. I kept a straight expression and simmered it with a smirk.

“I told you so.”

“Told me what exactly?”

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