Love’s Healing Touch by S.M. William


A Passionate Journey Through Medicine And Romance

Skye has been working as a nurse in a very poorly run ICU at a hospital just outside of Chicago. After a tragic insident happens to one of the patients in the ICU the manager is fired and the interview process starts for a new one. Jack interviews for the position. He has his Phd in nursing and is more than qualified for the job. He goes through a series of interviews. He has one request. He wants to interview the senior nursing employee on the floor. That just happens to be Skye.

They have lunch together off of hospital property so they can have privacy. Jack is immeadiatly attracted to Skye and Skye feels the same about Jack. Jack never dates people he works with but this time he is going to make an exception. Sparks fly almost immeadiatly and the two start a whirlwind relationship that deeply explores there sexual fantasies. They are amazed at how much they learn about each other. Love blooms.

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Excerpt from Love's Healing Touch © Copyright 2023 S.M. William

Skye unlocks the front door, and they go in as Skye turns on the lights. She puts her purse on the table that’s by the front door. She turned around and laid the biggest kiss on me. I knew I had a live one here, and I hope she likes my kind of sex. Dirty, hard, and obscene sex. He likes to leave a lady so spent; she feels him for the next two days. I also have a surprise for Skye. He’s hung. 9 inches when he’s hard and plenty thick. He’ll hit spots in her that no guy has ever hit.

Skye pours a couple of glasses of wine, and they go sit on the couch. Skye turns on some music. They're still talking and drinking wine. After a couple more glasses and some really obvious hints from Skye that she’s ready to fool around. She doesn’t say that, but Jack will. Skye stands and leads him to her bedroom. She starts by unbuttoning Jack’s dress shirt. They are kissing while she does this slowly. Jack is getting impatient.

He says, “Skye, I’m not like most guys. I fuck hard. I like to talk dirty in your ear and turn you on so much that you’ll be begging me to fuck you. Are you ready for something like that?

Skye looks at me and says, “Oh, we are so compatible! I want everything you’ve got as hard as you can give it. And I love dirty talk. In fact, the dirtier, the better. So, show me what you got, Jack.”

She pulls Jack’s shirt off and feels his well-developed pectoral muscles and drags a hand down his washboard abs. Skye’s last two boyfriends have been kind of soft. Jack is all man. She runs her fingers down the little bit of chest hair that Jack has.

Jack says, “My turn. And I’m not stopping. Do you understand?”

Skye nods her head just as Jack unzips her dress and lets it drop to the floor. She has a very pretty lace bra and panties on. The bra is straining to hold her ample breasts.

He spins her around and unsnaps the bra. The bra hits the floor in the pile with the dress. He puts his erection against her backside while he’s squeezing her breasts. He’s playing with her nipples and pinching them. Pulling the hard buds out and letting them bounce back. Skye is moaning at my touch and when I roll her nipples between my thumb and forefinger, she reaches up and wraps her hands around my neck. She brings me down for another deep kiss while I continue to squeeze and pinch. She turns around and crushes her tits into my chest.

I love big breasts. Watching them move when she puts them against me has got me in a frenzy. I squat down and pull her lace panties off, and I’m looking at a beautifully shaved pussy that is wet already.

Her essence is intoxicating. “I need to taste you, Skye. You’re already wet for me. Let me lick you to the first of your orgasms because there with be plenty.” Skye is led to the side of the bed. I tell her to lay back. I decide to pull her legs forward, and then spread her wide open, putting her feet on the edge of the bed.

She tries to close her legs a little because she is self-conscious about being this wide open to me. I stop her from closing them.

Jack says, “No, Skye. You’re beautiful down here. I’m going to lick you until you cry out my name.” I lick her from her ass to her clit. I continue to flick her swollen clit and I get an immediate reaction from her.

She starts to moan when I stick my tongue right in her ass. I think she’s never been rimmed before, so this little bit of information is logged in the back of my mind. I lick around her small hole, watching Skye arch her hips up to give me better access. I decide to move my tongue in the hole, making her moan very loudly. I started to push my tongue into her opening, tongue fucking her many times.

Skye says, “Oh my God, Jack. Keep doing that! It feels so good!” She moans again, with my name in the middle of the moan. Then I work my way up to her clit. I look up at Skye, who is up on her elbows watching me.

“I’m going to lick this clit until you cum so hard you’ll see stars.” I start working her clit, licking it and swirling around it. When I suck it in and tongues the top of the bundle of nerves, Skye arches up to meet my tongue. I reached up to her stomach to try to keep her in the same position.

I am still working hard on her clit when she starts to shake.

She says, “Oh Jack, I’m going to cum!

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