The Entanglement by Jason Stark


Sensual Stories By The Fire Book 1

This gripping harem story brings tension and suspense to the ever-changing relationship between a man and his lesbian neighbors. From the first time they met, a spark of attraction turns into a burning flame that can not be denied, no matter how hard they try.

This story of desire, tension, and jealousy pulls at them as they try to hide their emotions from those around them. This forbidden desire would shatter their worlds if they give in. Follow the twists and turns of this relationship as the delicious tension builds in this spicy forbidden romance.

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Sample quotes from The Entanglement © Copyright 2023 Jason Stark

“As I reach for the door handle, I get a glimpse of a light blue dress out of the small window. I swing the door open, maybe a little too aggressively. I see it visibly startled the woman standing in front of me. She stood just at the bottom of the few steps that led from the driveway to my apartment. I crack a slight smile as I step into the doorway.”

“I smile at her and say, “Hey.” Her giggle turns to a soft voice, and she responds, “Hi, I'm Veronica, your new neighbor.” As she speaks, I am looking at her intensely. I am intrigued by the woman that stands in front of me. She is very pretty, slightly older than me, maybe five or ten years. Her delicate blue and white dress is fitted to her body. It is a warm spring day, and I notice that her dress's tone matches the afternoon sky's warm colors.”

“We just lock eyes and smile. I hear someone coming out the front door to their apartment. It is another woman coming to meet me. As she walks up, she says to her, “I thought you were going to wait for me?”.”

“I spent most of my time with them watching movies, dancing to Soca music, and having parties with friends. They became my best friends. One day sitting on their couch, a shift in our relationship started. Sex was always part of our open discussions. It even became the main theme in weekend parties thrown over the years. No one was shy about it, but certain boundaries were always maintained. These boundaries would be tested.”

“From time to time, I think back to when I gave her my number as a funny moment in our past. They did not tell me for months that they were a couple. As our relationship shifted and we all got closer, our guards lowered. The tension of whether she liked me, as I liked her, mounted until I eventually just asked, “are you two dating? Because you two are pretty close”. I was slightly disappointed, but as time passed, they both treated me like their boyfriend, only we never crossed that intimate boundary that would lead to sex. They cooked for me and would mix me drinks when I got home from work. They both cared for me in a way I was not used to as a perpetually single man in my late twenties.”

“Summer passed, leaving all of us craving those warm summer nights when we spent all our time together. As a construction worker in Manhattan, I spent a good amount of time on trains traveling back and forth from the city. I was the third wheel to my neighbors for a few months, leaving me wanting more intimacy in my life as they had. It could have been a slight jealousy caused by my feelings for Veronica. One morning I stood on the elevated train station listening to the strong breeze that pushed its way past me. I looked up at the clear skies with only a shadow of clouds in the distance. It was exceedingly early, and the sun hadn’t risen yet. I stood

staring at the stars as they twinkled above me with a sense of calm and excitement for the day ahead. There is a clacking of heels off in the distance. The faint sound grew until it drew my attention; my head shifted when I saw her pass the corner of the brick building at the edge of the concrete platform. The dull lighting of the canopy above me made it hard to see along the train platform. I have not had my coffee yet, and at this point, I think I’m imagining this. She is stunning! My eyes look intently at this woman as she walks towards me. She walks just along the edge of the slightly dulled yellow cation line passing the few commuters that stand waiting for the next train. This is the first time my eyes lay upon my future girlfriend, Mia.”

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