Some people refer to harem as a common practice in Arabic countries, where men are allowed more wives. Some others refer to the Japanese connection, which relates to a love triangle.

The term “harem” in this context refers to a situation where the main character, usually male (female in case of reverse harem), is surrounded by multiple potential love interests, typically female. The story often focuses on the romantic relationships and interactions between the main character and the various love interests, with an emphasis on romantic tension, misunderstandings, and humorous situations.

In a harem romance novel or story, the protagonist is usually placed in a setting where they are either forced or naturally find themselves in close proximity to multiple characters who have sexual desire for them.

Whatever your definition is, here are some of the best harem romance books to mix your feelings and throw them from one direction to another. Exactly! You’ll want them to be together, then you’ll want them broken up because there’s a third party and so on… A mix of emotions that no one can resist…

What Are The Top Harem Romance Books?

The Entanglement, by Jason Stark (2022)

This is the first book in the series and my top recommendation. Get ready for some steamy action, quite a few possibilities and an uncertain future filled with tension. Anyway, the story follows a man and his two lesbian neighbors…

From this point on, you’d think you could guess what’s about to happen. Well, to a point… The moment they meet sparks an incredible tension fueled by an unusual attraction. The flame is there, but they all have principles they don’t want to step on.

That’s when desire kicks in, pushed by jealousy and the need to hide from anywhere around. If they do give in, their worlds would collapse. But the lustful wish is just too intense… All in all, get ready for a bunch of plot twists that will leave you speechless, definitely, a must read.

And to top all of these out, there’s lots of steamy adventures to fuel your dreams too!

Bosses With Benefits, by Cassie Cole (2023)

Action, a bit of humor and plenty of spicy adventure, that’s what you can expect from one of my favorite harem romance books ever.

The main character has an OnlyFans profile. She’s just trying to save some money and buy a house. Once she meets her goal, she wants to put the webcam away. Meanwhile, she’s also working. But then, one of her fans goes a bit further. No one knows that her biggest fan is actually her boss Michael.

She uses a filter to cover her face, so no one can really guess who she is. Meanwhile, the two are also flirting at work and unsurprisingly, their flirting gets to some steamy levels.

But she’s not alone though… Her passion goes further than that because there are two other men in her life. She has an online partner, Kai, who often joins her for her steamy webcam shows. Then, she also has a crush on August, the company’s CFO.

There are four people and quite a few possibilities going around. Plus, no matter how hard they try to keep it to a professional level, their secrets are about to collapse. The best part about it? No one knows anything, so the question is… Who’s going to figure out the truth first?

Poison Roses, by Jaymin Eve and Tate James (2023)

If you thought things could never get any worse, this book is here to prove you they can. Anyway, her life is not great. She’s given up on a dream relationship the moment she turned 16, and things have only gotten worse from that point.

She's 24 now, and she doesn't have a job, not to mention a house. She keeps running away from her past, but she just can't escape it. The second love of her life, Angelo, shot a man. And she witnessed it. Now, he’s coming for her because she’s the only witness.

She has to find allies, and she somehow finds the most unlikely ones. One thing leads to another, and she ends up on tour with Bellerose, a massive rock band. But the front man hates her…

Now, it looks like some dodgy action, but there's nothing he can do about it because she's Billie Bellerose, and she has a word to say.

All in all, this is one of those harem romance books with a bit of action, as well as the first book in the Boys of Bellerose series.

Vile Bastards, by C.M. Stunich (2022)

The third book in the Scarlett Force series is one of the best harem romance books out there, but I strongly recommend going through the first ones too.

All in all, the main character’s story is a mix of horror and steamy action. Her lust should be called off before someone gets hurt. She knew she couldn’t trust anyone, but she couldn’t stop her lustful wishes.

She can’t trust people anymore, not even her friends with benefits. And to top all of these out, she’s also received a horrific gift…

Someone died, there are no doubts about it. And now, she has countless questions. She used to be seen as a queen, but her crown is tarnished now. Someone betrayed her, and she needs to find out who it was. I won’t give you too many spoilers, but get ready for some steamy harem romance you won’t regret.

Lace Vengeance, by Eve Dangerfield (2023)

The third book in the Snow White series is a must for anyone who loves harem romance. Once upon a time, she had everything… The home of her dreams, a great future ahead and, believe it or not, four husbands.

But her stepmother didn’t like that. Plus, her ex-fiancé had a serious problem with her lifestyle too. The two decide to go for her, but she has protection. However, when things go wrong, she nearly hits rock bottom.

She's down there, and now she needs to find vengeance for her lost life, as well as her lovers. You have love, action and controversy, what else can you ask for? I won't give you too many details, but trust me, you won’t regret reading this.

In the end

These are some of my favorite harem romance books released lately. Sure, the list could be longer, but if you’re like me, you want more than just pure erotica. You want more than just lust and steamy action.

You want threesomes, unusual triangles and a bit of action, they simply make everything better. And luckily, the above-mentioned titles have a bit of everything.