Pregnant for Daddy’s Best-Man by Izzie Vee


Steamy, Forced & Forbidden Romance Book 17

Erotic Taboo Pregnancy Short Sex Story

The one man Hayley yearns for is Levi, but he's her father's best man and best friend.

In this book, Hayley, a young nerdy girl, has a longstanding crush on Levi, a bad-boy biker who is much older and the best friend of her father Hank. Hank invites Levi to his wedding and allows him to stay at his home during the honeymoon, despite forbidding him from getting involved with Hayley. However, the attraction between Hayley and Levi proves too strong, leading to a passionate fling.

The affair must end once Hank returns, but a complication arises as Hayley discovers she is pregnant with Levi's child, leading to emotional turmoil.

Pregnant for Daddy’s Best-Man: Erotic Taboo Pregnancy Short Sex Story: Rough Biker MC Friend Book: Age-Gap First-Time Women Adults Spicy Novel (Steamy, Forced & Forbidden Romance Book 17)

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