Trigger by Rogette C


A Lesbian S&M Romance Book 29

Mistress Caroline has a nice house, a calm life, even good money.

It’s not enough. She’s lonely. She needs a perfect lover, but how do you go about getting that?


Excerpt from Trigger © Copyright 2023 Rogette C

She arcs her back against the cross and moans as the clips go on. One for each nipple and one just below the nipple to tug and pull at her areola the pink flesh starts to turn red almost immediately. She bites her lip as her left breast is attended to, she’s doing it deliberately.  She knows it drives me crazy when she bites her lip. To thank her I slip my free hand down her corset and gently rub her clit just enough to get a reaction, she struggles to pump and rub against my hand but I’ve got her locked down with straps so she can’t move her pelvis. Her small hands clenches tight showing off her wildly painted nails, there must be four colors at least on each nail.  But the paint goes perfectly with the purple corset and black stockings she’s wearing. She’s careful not to bend or fold the two black bows on stocking tops. If she does that I’ll punish her and she knows it. I long ago tossed the heels off her so I could see her pretty toes. They’re painted just like the hands…

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