My Poor Husband is A Billionaire Mafia Volume 5 by Sheila Gates

A Dark Mafia Enemies to Lovers Arranged Marriage Romance

Girls Get HUMILIATED When SHOPPING, What Happens To Them Next Is Shocking!

A gripping story that follows the life of Adalyn James, whose Husband Remy Stone is a powerful mafia boss. When Remy takes Adalyn and their mother shopping, chaos ensues as he humiliates the sales attendant and spends a fortune on luxury items. But that's only the beginning. Remy's flashy lifestyle puts everyone in danger as his enemies close in, leaving Adalyn to deal with the consequences. Will Adalyn be able to protect her family, or will they pay the price for Remy's reckless behavior? My Poor Husband is A Billionaire Mafia is a page-turner that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

If you're looking for a steamy and intense romance with high stakes, danger, and passion, My Poor Husband is Billionaire Mafia is the perfect choice for you. With a mix of luxury and the criminal underworld, this book offers a thrilling escape that will keep you on the edge of your seat, rooting for the powerful and enigmatic hero as he navigates his way through a world of intrigue, betrayal, and desire.



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Excerpt from My Poor Husband is A Billionaire Mafia Volume 5 © Copyright 2023 Sheila Gates

Chapter 1 Return

In the bustling City of Ambition, an international airport was surrounded by hundreds of black-suited bodyguards standing at attention, creating a commotion that the passengers around avoided and watched from afar, unaware of the VIP that caused such a stir. The man in charge of the group checked his watch and frowned, realizing it was over 12:00.

“Master, the boss should not be at the airport!” he exclaimed.

In an opulent mansion, an old man over fifty years of age sat on a large leather sofa, quietly contemplating the events unfolding at the airport. “I know. You guys come back. He still doesn't want to see me,” the old man said calmly, his loyal subordinates acknowledging his command.

In another part of town, a private helicopter landed silently over a housing area, and out of it stepped Remy Stone, the sole heir of the Stone Group and the number one war god in the East, known for his power and strength. With a sturdy body and a dragon's stride, Remy Stone exuded an aura of dominance and authority.

“Jin Lee, you go back. From now on, I will live here in seclusion,” Remy Stone commanded as he lit a cigarette and looked wistfully at the Heights of Harmony earth.

“Godfather, don't you want to go home and see it? It's been ten years, and it's time to let go of the past, after all…” Jin Lee suggested.

Remy Stone's voice turned cold as he growled, “That's enough!” A murderous aura locked onto Jin Lee, who trembled with fear, feeling a sea of corpses and blood in front of him.

Remy Stone was a man who even the strongest feared. “Ten years ago, I was driven out of The Stone Family. That Remy Stone is dead. Now more than ever, if you want to mention it again, don't blame me for not remembering the old feelings!” he declared, bloodthirsty, ferocious, and horrible.

Remy Stone stood in front of Jin Lee, the man who had once been like a father to him, and his chest tightened. Despite his years of ruthless success as a military boss, he still felt like a scared little boy in the presence of this man.

“It was me who spoke out of turn,” he said, his voice barely above a whisper.

Jin Lee looked at him with a mix of disappointment and resignation. “I know, Remy. You always were too impulsive.”

With a heavy heart, Remy turned to leave. “I'll go now. Please don't tell anyone about my return.”

As he walked away, Remy couldn't help but feel the weight of his past bearing down on him. He found himself on Stone Boulevard, the bustling heart of the City of Ambition. It had been ten long years since he'd set foot here, and the place had changed almost beyond recognition.

“I wonder if she's still here,” he murmured to himself, pulling out a worn photograph from his pocket.

The picture was of a young girl with a bright, open face. Remy could barely make out the details, but he knew that this girl had been the only one to show him kindness in his darkest moments.

He remembered the day he'd met her, back when he was just a scared and lonely 15-year-old. He'd been living on the streets, desperate and alone, when she appeared like an angel before him. Everyone else had shunned him or worse, but she saw him as a human being in need of help. She brought him food, talked to him, and gave him hope.

Remy had been so touched by her kindness that he'd asked for a photo to remember her by. He'd promised himself that he would repay her someday when he had the means to do so.

But fate had other plans. That same night, he was taken away by a shadowy figure and thrust into a world of violence and power. He emerged two years later, a hardened killer with blood on his hands. By the time he was 19, he had become the fearsome Asura Godfather, a name that struck terror into the hearts of his enemies.

And now, ten long years later, he had chosen to return to this place, to this girl who had shown him such kindness. He didn't know why he was doing it or what he hoped to find. All he knew was that he had to try.

With a heavy heart and a sense of foreboding, Remy set out to find the girl who had changed his life forever.

Remy Stone delicately tucked the photo away before dialing the phone. “Jay Patel, is everything in place?” he asked, his voice low and controlled.

“Godfather, everything has been arranged! The address has been sent to your phone!” Jay replied.

“Very good.” Remy hung up the phone, the location display lighting up his screen. Heights of Harmony, The James Family, Adalyn James, Kempinski Hotel. The only five-star hotel in the area, it was a place where power and wealth mingled, a place where no one stood out.

In one of the private rooms, several celebrities gathered, carefully concealing their identities with every word and movement. Old Grandpa Lee sat at the head of the table, his fingers stroking the jade ring on his hand. “William James, today is a big day. Is there anyone your granddaughter favors for a son-in-law?” he asked.

“We have a few candidates. I wonder if Maxwell Black has any recommendations?” William James replied with a polite smile.

William James had sold clothes for twenty years before barely breaking into the fourth-class family business, making him a model of starting from the bottom. He had two sons, Daniel James, and David James. The oldest, Daniel, was weak and could not inherit the business, while the second son, David, was a gambling addict who could not be trusted with the family's legacy. So the old grandfather could only pin his hopes on the offspring of his two sons, and as luck would have it, Daniel had a daughter.

With the old patriarchal thinking, Grandpa Lee couldn't hand the business to a granddaughter. But with the encouragement of David, the idea of recruiting a son-in-law was born. The Jameses could secure the succession to the grandson's head by marrying into a powerful family.

The chief's gaze narrowed as he presented a stunning card, “I do have a promising candidate here,” he announced. The opulent private room was just next door.

Adalyn James sat on the couch, her tears already flowing freely. Her delicate face was soaked with her makeup, and her heart ached with pain. Her mother, Susan James, looked at her crying daughter, her face flushing angrily.

“Daniel James, Daniel James,” Susan James exclaimed, “Are you just going to watch your daughter being sold off as a mere bargaining chip? Your brother's intentions cannot be good. If you're still a man, talk to your grandfather.”

Watching David James pace back and forth in the room, Susan James became even more infuriated. “Can you bear to watch your daughter jump into the fire?” she demanded.

Recruiting a son-in-law? So be it. Since Daniel James failed in business, his position in The James Family had plummeted, and he had become the subject of ridicule. This time, he was expected to find a wealthy man for his daughter to marry off to, all in the name of paving the way for his brother David James' son, Jacob James.

Daniel James turned red with shame and anger. He knew his grandfather's temper – once he had made a decision, there was no room for negotiation. “He is Adalyn's grandfather. I trust that he won't harm her, Susan. Don't make him wait too long,” he said.

Susan James knew that her husband was weak, but she never expected her daughter to be sold off like this. She was so outraged that she almost fainted, pointing at Daniel James and shouting, “Daniel James, I was blind to marry such a loser like you. Can't you help your daughter? We only have one daughter. I can't bear to see Adalyn ruin her life!”

Susan James reached out to hit him, but the slap never landed, and she could only sit on the floor in silence, crying. “Dad, Mom, please don't argue,” Adalyn James interjected. “Don't blame Dad. I know he has his own difficulties, and I trust that Grandpa won't harm me.”

Adalyn James smiled through her tears, but the pain in her red eyes was evident. Daniel James clenched his fists in anger and self-blame. He hated himself for his incompetence and inability to give his daughter happiness. “Let's go. If we don't go, Grandpa will be angry,” Adalyn James said, wiping away her tears and pretending to be strong.

She knew her father's difficulties and what was on her second uncle's mind. Since she had entered The James Family and brought in considerable profits through her excellent performance, her Uncle Er had become increasingly threatened by her. He was afraid that she would steal Jacob James's inheritance rights.

If it weren't for the birth of her daughter, Adalyn James would be the heir to The James Family at this very moment. However, the family was still under her grandfather's control, and her father had no choice but to obey his will. Daniel James sighed helplessly, and only he knew the pain in his heart.

If he wanted to survive in The James Family, he had to obey his grandfather and do everything possible to please his brother's son, Jacob James. The winds of change were brewing in The James Family.