The Billionaire’s Plan by Keira Landry


I am currently homeless and fighting my way back and this hunky, older man walked in on me enjoying a hot shower in a vacant home.


This sexy and grumpy billionaire has a plan to keep his family and ex wife off his back and needs my help.

Pretend to be his girlfriend and in exchange he helps me get back on my feet.

It sounds too good to be true.

The sexual chemistry between us is off the charts amazing and his ex wife is getting way too involved in his life again.

I’m completely falling for this dynamite lover and everyone in his life wants me gone.

What started as a pretend relationship has turned into something so real and my body craves his touch every time I see him.

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The Billionaire's Plan is a steamy romance novel that explores the journey of a homeless protagonist who finds herself entangled with a wealthy, older man.

The book excels in creating intense sexual chemistry between the characters and shedding light on the challenges faced by the homeless. However, some readers may find the use of stereotypes and exaggerated external conflicts less appealing.

It offers an engaging escape into a passionate love story for those seeking an exciting and transformative read.

Excerpt from The Billionaire's Plan © Copyright 2023 Keira Landry

What in the hell is that woman’s name?” I walked downstairs berating myself for not remembering her name. She’d been a real beauty, long dark hair, crystal blue eyes that reminded me of the sapphires I’d once bought for Pamela, and a killer body with voluptuous curves in all the right places. My kind of woman.

That is until she opened her mouth. She was smart, with just the right amount of sassy that made a man fall to his knees. Not the type of woman I was usually attracted to, but definitely the type you could not get out of your mind for days.

When I questioned her skills she had changed from the sweet girl next door to a viper which perfectly aligned with her outer image. I wanted to toss her out on her backside but the company’s price made me shut my mouth. I didn’t need to converse with her on a regular basis, as long as she cleaned as savagely as I hoped we would get along great.

She had thankfully left the door locked like she is supposed to so I used my code for the lock to get in and looked around the foyer, all looked sparklingly clean and neat. the smudges I’d seen on the walls were gone, as were the stains on the dining room carpet.

I found my suitcase where I had left it. the hour was getting late and I wanted to get home already. I’d had a long day at the office, and barely eaten. “Looks like it’s going to be takeout again, Thai, maybe Chinese?”

I wanted to see how things looked upstairs so I took the stairs two at a time, noticing how well she had cleaned every inch of the place. Looked like she had even scrubbed every step, baluster and handrail.

What in the hell is her name, Ingrid, Ina, Iris, Ivana? Hell! I turned the corner, looking in each room as I passed them and heard what sounded like a shower running from the master bedroom. Someone had either broken in or she had left the water running. People would break into these empty houses to raid what was left or steal the copper from the plumbing, or just to sleep for the night. Either way, I knew I was in for a long night and would have to call the cops and be here while they did their investigation and arrest whoever was in that bathroom.

I turned the corner into the master bathroom truly hoping she had accidentally left the water running and stopped dead in my tracks. There she stood completely naked, taking a shower. I couldn’t see everything as the glass was slightly frosted but it was enough to give me the idea. I was rendered speechless for a moment, and had to shake my head as I looked at her naked body.

She was washing herself, her delicate hands running up and down her pale skin. Her lips were parted a little, and her face was turned to the shower head. The sound of her soft sigh threw me completely off balance.

I gripped the towel rack beside me and tried really hard to formulate a thought. My lips were dry as her hands continued to roam over her soapy body as she washed. I wanted to be mad at her, this was a vacant house I was supposed to be selling, and she was supposed to be cleaning.

The sight of her curvy, wet, naked body made me want to strip off my own clothes and join her, but I couldn’t do that. Still, I couldn’t say anything, and simply watched as she showered, feeling embarrassed, angry and intrigued.

I have no clue how long I was standing there watching her but the steam was making the all glass doors pretty foggy, and I realized it was time to put an end to her fun. As I came around and snapped out of my stupidity, the anger boiled over and I marched over to bang on the glass door.

The glass door slid open when the water stopped, and her petite fingers reached out to grab the towel. “What the hell?” She stepped out, all glistening and wet, wrapped a towel around herself and stopped the moment she saw me.

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