More Than A Mouthful by N.N. Johnson


A bond threatened by a family rivalry blossoms into a heated love triangle in this gripping story from author N.N. Johnson.

Noah Sullivan journeys to Manhattan to find his professional self. Still, he ends up with more than he bargained for when the stars align, and an attraction develops between himself and Vanessa Henderson. Little did he know that Vanessa was the daughter of his father’s greatest rival, Evan Henderson. Having been duped in the past by an assumed agent of Henderson, Noah is angered, and tensions rise when Vanessa’s true identity is revealed.

Separated by rage and time, the two would later reconnect unexpectedly. Vanessa had moved on, but her life was dull. Noah, the king of excitement who held the keys to her soul, was now back and was back for more.


Excerpt from More Than A Mouthful © Copyright 2023 N.N. Johnson

Chapter 1

….Gauging precisely what he was looking for, Isabella pressed three fingers onto Noah’s chest, creeping them to his shirt’s collar. ‘So, will you take me somewhere, or will we chat about my life back in Venice?’

He grinned, whispering, ‘I was just about to ask.’ He scanned his surroundings before stealing with her up two sets of staircases, leading Isabella to a vacant room. He closed the door and turned around to see her seated on the bed, leant back on her elbows. She got up and slowly strutted towards him, stepping out of her heels and pulling her hair into a loose ponytail. ‘No, leave it down. I’m going to need it,’ Noah whispered.

Isabella smiled and obliged.  She wrapped her hands around his neck and lifted a leg against his thigh, prompting Noah to hold onto it with one hand as the other reached for her butt. Her hands left his neck, and she went for his chest, ripping his shirt open in the same motion. ‘Woah, slow down there,’ Noah breathed between passionate kisses. But nothing could satiate the woman’s hunger; her restless hands burrowed into his undershirt, exploring his torso so she could feel every contour of his chiselled abs. He was almost too overwhelmed by her vigour but knew better than to shy away from some action. He flung his shirt off in seconds and helped her slide out of her dress.

‘Are you ready for this?’ She growled sensually, shoving Noah onto the bed. He took in her plump chest, hips that curved unnaturally and legs that ran for miles. Eagerly he nodded in agreement. She straddled Noah and pinned his hands onto the bed. She gently kissed his neck, making her way down to his chest, paying particular attention to his nipples and his abs, almost counting each one. Removing one hand from the earlier arrest, she unbuckled his pants and reached in to find an already standing soldier. ‘So, you are ready for this.’ She chuckled as she removed his pants and underwear in one fluid motion.

With Noah still lying on the bed, she turned her back and inserted what was now a rock-hard shaft into her fiery furnace. Noah had not seen this before. This had never happened to him before. No one had ever taken control like this. This was a novelty. This was strange. This was…nice! He got up on one elbow and reached for her, and she shoved him back down. Her upper body was not moving, but her hips were like a corkscrew. She was burning a hole in his thigh, but he felt he was reaching places he had never been. Her moans grew louder, and she started going faster. That night, he was in for the craziest ride he’d experienced. Clawing, screaming, sweating, elation—it was all so raw. Nothing like the soulless crap his dad went on about at home or any of the other dull endeavours he wanted Noah to feign interest in so that he could delude himself that they were even remotely identical in character. Why was he thinking of his father at this moment?

The sensation of a sensual eruption took over his thoughts. ‘Too soon!’ he thought. He rolled to the right, throwing Isabella onto her side. But she was having none of it. Tonight, she was in control. She leapt up, rolled him onto his back and hopped back onto her ride, only this time, her straddle faced forward. She placed both hands above his head and leant forward. Sweat dripping from her chest, she bit her lips as Noah’s sword once again pierced her wet sheath.

‘You shouldn’t have done that.’ She quipped, hinting at Noah’s earlier attempt at taking control. The aphrodisiacal effects of her raspy voice made it harder for Noah to calm the brewing storm. She slowly moved up and down…

Chapter 7

‘Hi, Mom,’ Noah exited the vehicle and hugged his mother in one motion.

‘Oh, I have missed you, my boy.’  Her voice was raspy and he knew this was from crying. Like his father, his mother tried to maintain a tough persona, so tears were not something she would ever let show. But he knew his mother and he knew she was crying when she was alone.

‘I am here now, Mom. I am back.’ Noah comforted his mother. For the moment, he felt like the parent and she the child. ‘I have someone I’d like you to meet.’

She stepped back and looked at him, and for a moment he questioned his decision. She was now plastered with indifference and her eyes oozed scepticism. Noah knew his mother had very high standards and he did not want to disappoint her or have her embarrass Vanessa. In any case, it was too late to back out. Vanessa was already here and this was happening. He opened the car door and Vanessa held his outstretched hand on her way out.

‘Mom, I’d like you to meet Vanessa.’ He was nervous, and everyone could tell. Vanessa tugged at his hands, pulling him closer to her, which was comforting. His mother looked at Vanessa, and her indifference became disbelief. She recognised Vanessa as Henderson’s offspring but could not believe it. Her son was once again duped.

‘What the fuck?’ she muttered under her breath. ‘No!’ She spun on her heels and stormed inside the house….

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