Christmas in July by Olivia Noble


Snowflake Creek Book 6

Hawaii has only ever brought me heartbreak. Time to spread my wings and explore somewhere new…

When hopping on a random plane leads me to Minnesota, I don’t expect to be seated next to a gorgeous stranger on the flight. He instantly becomes my travel buddy and tour guide for a whole new world of experiences in Snowflake Creek and beyond…

My guarded heart refuses to believe this whirlwind romance is real. But as we travel to places I've only dreamed of, this crazy month of July might just change my life–seeing the world with my new special friend, bonding over each adventure, and growing closer day by day…

Did I mention how cute he looks in a pair of yellow swim trunks? Those abs, those arms… how can a girl resist?
Now if only we can survive his insanely rich, controlling mother, who believes we won't last until Christmas Day…
Will this magical year of my life become only a beautiful memory, or something that lasts forever?

Sweet and steamy, over-the-top romantic comedy.


Excerpt from Christmas in July © Copyright 2023 Olivia Noble

I glance over at the handsome man sitting beside me in the tiny, cramped airplane cabin. What a strange coincidence that he happens to be going to the same, random little town as me. A place I’d never even heard of until recently.

Electricity prickles the tiny hairs on the back of my neck. Why does this feel like fate? I watch his large hands moving deftly over the keyboard as he types up his article. Since he rolled up his sleeves a few minutes ago, the sunlight is catching the little blonde hairs on his muscled arms, making them glisten with a reddish glow. Like liquid lava spilling slowly from Kilauea, running in bright orange rivers down to the sea. I stare for a moment, entranced. He is also wearing an interesting bracelet with a steel circle, sitting gently against his strong wrist.

I wish I could touch his hand.

Images dance through my mind of the beautiful vacation I could have with him. Sand and sun, ice cream and laughter, passionate embraces. I can see it all so clearly.

No. Calm down, Leila.

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