Taboo Daddy: The Quest by B C King


Taboo Daddy Book 1

Older Man Younger Woman Erotica Romance Age Gap Forbidden Love

He had watched her turn into a vibrant, beautiful woman, right before his eyes. His heart was pure, but his thoughts were forbidden.

She wanted him but he didn’t even know she existed. Her mother didn’t deserve him, and she needed to find the courage to show him what she felt.

An unplanned trip takes them far away from home, and alone, each wanting the same thing.

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Excerpt from Taboo Daddy: The Quest © Copyright 2023 B C King

Lilly rolled over in bed to look at the clock, 10:35 a.m. The sound of the lawn mower under her bedroom window had woken her from her dreamy state of slumber. She decided to get up earlier than she had wanted since the June sun filled her normally dark room.

She glanced out her window and saw Brad, shirtless and sweaty, forcing the hand mower down the side of the small ranch-style house. He was her mother’s boyfriend and they had moved in with him three years ago when she was only fifteen.

She never understood what he saw in her mother, Lori, a known alcoholic that had trouble keeping her job as a receptionist. He was thirty-eight, stayed fit, seldom drank, and had a great-paying job as a regional director for a restaurant chain. Though he traveled extensively, he was home for a four day stay in between trips.

Lilly pulled her long nightshirt over her head and slid it down her naked body. She stopped at the mirror and hurriedly brushed her hair before heading to the kitchen for a cup of coffee. She took a seat on the couch and took a sip, trying to wake up before her shower.

“About time you got up,” Brad said, walking through the front screen door. “It’s too damn nice out there to be sleeping it away.”

“I’m going to take a shower when I’m finished with my coffee. It’s not that late.” She looked up at the sweat covering his bare chest and flat stomach, wishing she had the nerve to ask him to join her in the shower.

Brad grabbed a bottle of water out of the refrigerator, twisted the cap off, and looked back into the living room at her. He loved her dirty-blond wavy hair. His soon to be stepdaughter looked better rolling out of bed than his alcoholic girlfriend looked after an hour of primping. “I’m going to finish mowing then I thought I could take you down to the college to finish getting you registered for your classes.”

Lilly shot a glance his way. “I can drive myself you know.”

“Yea, but if I take you, I can make sure you don’t get sidetracked.” He took a long drink, then eyed her again. “Besides, I don’t get to see you very much and it would be nice to spend some time with you while your mom’s working.

Lilly felt goosebumps run up her arms. Now that she was eighteen, was he going to pay more attention to her? He was always so preoccupied with work and her mom, he never spent time with her alone. “I guess, but classes don’t start for another two months, do we have to do it today?” she asked, flipping.

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