Miss. A and Johnny’s European Escapade London by Silver Vixxxen

Femme Fatale Rescue Diaries

European Escapade Book 1

I am not a New York Times bestselling author, but I have experience, a story to tell, and a Ph.D. in F*ckery. Shenanigans throughout Europe.

First, stop LONDON.

Finally, Johnny had peace and stability in his life; wife, kids, and even God on his side. However, when his charitable work fell into the hands of criminals, it all devolved. He was a wanted man, his family disgraced and nothing up his sleeve. Johnny finds himself in the darkest hour, and a troublesome past joins the party, pushing him into an abyss. He was trapped in a world that was again casting him aside…

Miss. A had a flourishing career, living with purpose and exhilarated to expand on exotic ambitions. After a year of preparation for her debut tour; everything was running according to plan until she was unceremoniously betrayed. On the brink of losing important accounts, investments, and prestige, she crossed the Atlantic alone. There was no guarantee she would unearth the right man for the job in less than a week, but she wasn't one to acquiesce without a fight.

Succumbed by the bitterness of reality and their inner daemons; a man on the precipice of suicide, a woman with a peculiar profession, and a job offer that's nothing what it appears. Can Johnny be redeemed by being employed by the most enigmatically seductive woman he has ever encountered? Will Miss. A's gamble on a lost soul pay off or ruin her? Does London deliver more than what they bargained for?


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