A Taste of Honey by Morgan Knight


M/M Shifter Mpreg Romance

A personal message from the author:

This book is written to show that there are lots of different kinds of people and not everyone's situation is the same. Where one person feels completely open, another may feel locked in their closet. The book explores some of those harsh reactions as well as “teen pregnancy” while in college. It does have a HEA/HFN ending for those interested.

— Morgan Knight

“I found myself moving quickly through crowds of people. Passing all sorts of clubs, sororities, and fraternities while I made my way towards my blind destination. The scent grew stronger with each step I took, and my wolf grew hungrier. I felt a need like I never had felt before.”

Sam is a college freshman with a football scholarship. He is completely focused on that fact until he happens upon the weightlifting club. There he meets Jung, J.P., and he goes down a rollercoaster of emotions, coming out to friends and family… and a pregnancy scare?!

Watch as the couple continues to grow as both individuals and together in this tale of love.

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