House Monitor Hannah by Kinsey Platte


Side-splitting erotica with a happy ending!

The complete Kindle Vella series by Kinsey Platte is now combined into her first full-length book!

Hannah Montgomery seems to have it all as a beautiful, lactating woman in her thirties with total freedom. Unfortunately, she's also newly divorced, broke, and one step away from living under a bridge. When one of her former sorority sisters suggests acting as a live-in house monitor to an unruly fraternity, Hannah balks but agrees to an interview.

Carson Mitchell, the president of Tau Tau Tau fraternity, isn't sure what to do about the fraternity's recently invoked social probation. The college dean, Randy Bertrand, says there's too much drinking and partying in the house and demands that the fraternity hire a live-in monitor for a semester.

When Carson and the fraternity treasurer interview Hannah for the job, they realize she's the only woman that can both appease the dean and make the fraternity house a “satisfied” and happy place. Hannah helps the boys sail through bid night, the annual philanthropy bake sale, and Greek Week with her beauty queen grace and unusual methods of problem-solving.

Soon, they're the hottest house on campus, and even the dean is completely smitten with Hannah.