Shameful Riddles by A E Lowe


Shameful Riddles – duology series

Another night of partying ends with a bad morning hangover, and twenty-one-year-old Veronica's day is made even worse when she learns she must support her parents with their financial difficulties. When she arrives at work, a chance encounter with one of the hotel's guests ends up being the day's final nail in her coffin. Mr. Henderson, the man she meets in room number 109, comes across as intimidating, domineering, and utterly alluring. While their meeting ends tragically for her, for him it results in a future development that Mr. Henderson himself never expected.

When their paths cross again, Veronica’s mind is filled with a plethora of raw emotions about this oddly handsome man, however Mr. Henderson's is riddled with tonnes of sinful punishments that he likes to execute to show his power. The explosive collision of these two diverse worlds proves fiery and results in something neither of them could have ever expected. It results in the creation of…… Shameful Riddles.

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