Daddy Doctor-Friends Plus-Size MMMF Why Choose by Dolliana Jeffries

Forced Erotic Romance, Dark Reverse Harem, Naughty Virgin Book 7

Celine, a young and curvy woman, harbors deep and forbidden fantasies that she keeps hidden from Joe, the man of her house. Her desires revolve around Joe's friends – Jensen, Milano, and Hector – who are significantly older than her and resemble the rugged, lumberjack-like figures that feature in her fantasies. These men, all doctors and friends of Joe, are considered off-limits due to their connection with him and their age difference. Despite these boundaries, Celine's imagination runs wild with thoughts of being with all three men simultaneously, fueling her desires even further.

As she returns from college, Celine's physical transformation into a more curvaceous figure does not go unnoticed by Jensen, Milano, and Hector, sparking a sense of delight and surprise in them. Concurrently, the opening of a strip club by her next-door neighbor ignites a possibility for Celine to explore her exhibitionist tendencies. She contemplates how much of her daring and public fantasies she can actualize before she must return to college, intensifying the allure of these forbidden relationships and her desire for public display.


Daddy Doctor-Friends: Plus-Size MMMF Why Choose Adults Short Story: Taboo MFMM Menage Age-Gap, MC OTT, Smutty RH Quick Read (Forced Erotic Romance, Dark Reverse Harem, Naughty Virgin Book 7)

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