Bimbofication by M. Cane


A Self-Experiment

Bimbofication Book 1

The young, ambitious journalist Sarah senses a big story in the online drug trade. She discovers a preparation that, similar to penis enlargements for men, promises to change a normal woman into a bimbo, the so-called bimbofication in just 14 days. Sarah is certain that this is fraud on a grand scale and decides to investigate and try the drug herself.

In doing so, she documents the ineffectiveness of the drug with a bias. She suppresses the changes it actually causes in her until the effects on her body and mind become irreparable.


Excerpt from Bimbofication © Copyright 2024 M. Cane


A bimbo is essentially a woman for whom her appearance and her effect are clearly more important than her intellectual pretensions. Often, the ladies dress very figure-hugging and provocative, make up and hair elaborately and openly display their external assets. It is not uncommon for them to have undergone various cosmetic operations, with breast augmentation being particularly essential. In addition, their intelligence is often severely limited and focused on superficialities, which they also like to flirt with.

Bimbofication is the conscious, intentional change of a woman into a bimbo, especially in terms of her appearance.

1 – Tuesday

Actually, it was supposed to be a normal self-experiment, with which the young, investigative journalist Sarah wanted to draw attention to the charlatans in relation to drug sales on the Internet. Who didn't know them, the pills that lengthen the penis by half in the shortest time? She had now come across a similar preparation for women.

The preparation promised total bimbofication of the woman in 10 to 14 days. Sarah knew the term only from a short relationship with Martin, a rather wealthy man about 20 years her senior, who had once suggested it for a role play. Sarah had to research the term at all first on the Internet, found herself in the role in any way again, so nothing became of the game, although he had already given her a corresponding outfit, consisting of a short, black vinyl dress with the brand name “Black Bimbo” and black vinyl high heels with 14 cm metal heel.

It was just too cheap for her, of course suitable for the role, but not her style and also not that of her ex-boyfriend, for whom it would have been no problem to buy high-quality leather clothes instead of cheap sex shop goods. She had briefly tried on the dress once, of course it was much too wide for her at the chest and even if she had quite an athletic figure, it was much too tight at the hips and waist, just an outfit for a bimbo. But he had also suggested to her that if she moved in with him, she wouldn't have to worry about anything, she could spend the day with fitness and shopping, or start with a champagne breakfast with friends. Everything else was taken care of by the staff. But Sarah had other goals in her life, she wanted to become a successful journalist and so she separated from him shortly after this action.

Now she had come across this preparation on the Internet and she sensed a big story. As usual, the advertising text promised the blue of the sky, not only that the women who used this preparation would lose about one kilogram per day without any further effort, with Sarah's 62 kg there would not be much left of her, she looked at her small B-cup breasts, these would also supposedly grow sustainably and above all be tightened from the inside, it was far too absurd for this to work and yet certainly day after

day women and couples fell for this trash. The way it worked was described as the active ingredient binding the fat from the abdomen, buttocks and thighs with some brain matter and depositing it as firm and tight tissue in the breast, the rest of the fat would simply be eliminated. Sarah had rarely heard anything more absurd.

Of course, examples of successful treatments were also listed. Typical before – after pictures, where she was sure that it could not be the same woman and yet the men raved that they had now, after only two weeks, found the perfect partner for themselves, and also the women remarked in the original tone that they had never thought that it could be so easy to lose weight and be attractive again for the partner. Shaking her head, Sarah looked at the pack of 14 capsules that she had ordered on the Internet for 450 euros. Should the item be a success, she would of course be reimbursed for the expenses, and Sarah was sure that it would be a success.

She had decided to take the capsules in the evening to document any changes during the day on the spot, she was completely sure that in the best case nothing would happen at all, but also hoped to be spared from side effects. Sarah took the first capsule, drank plenty of water with it, and sat down at her laptop to research more fake medications. Again and again she listened to herself, checked whether she felt nausea or dizziness, whether her digestion changed, but nothing like that happened, so after some time she went to bed and quickly fell asleep.

2 – Wednesday

The next morning she woke up a little earlier than usual, too curious to see if anything had happened, positive or negative, with the short treatment time of only two weeks, the first signs of change were bound to show up quickly.

Basically she was fine, she had no problems with her stomach or digestion, also her blood pressure seemed normal, her pulse calm, she felt a slight pulling in her chest and a kind of tingling in her thigh, noted this, but did not attach any further importance to it. She also attributed the fact that her weight was a few hundred grams lower than yesterday to the usual fluctuations between different days. Sarah showered, put on her jeans, shirt and Chucks, and drove to the newsroom to work on another article and research the topic of bimbofication. Throughout the day she felt this tugging in her chest, also her nipples kept hardening so that they were quite visible through the tight shirt and fancy bra. Once she unconsciously stroked them, closed her eyes for a moment, took a deep breath, caught herself and concentrated on her work again.

However, it was difficult for her to really concentrate, she kept clicking on the advertising banners that popped up, which, especially when she was researching the topic of bimbofication, essentially advertised pretty fancy fashion. Sarah would never have thought how varied the range of such clothing and shoes was, she had previously considered such things to be a niche, but now she was finding more and more new stores that were attracting attention with very special fashion. Finally, the end of the day came, she quickly bought a few groceries and drove home.

At the same time as yesterday, she took her dose for today, noted that she continued to feel no side effects, poured herself a glass of champagne, sat down in front of the TV to see what documentaries were on today, but found nothing suitable and decided to go to bed.

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