Sinful Encounters by Shay Freeman


A Triad of Temptation Book 1

Step into the sizzling world of ‘Sinful Encounters,' where Aiden, Lily, and Maddie transform an innocent curiosity into a full-blown exploration of love and passion. These three friends, each uniquely captivating, find themselves entangled in a web of desire that pushes the boundaries of their friendship into uncharted territories.

As they embark on a thrilling journey of self-discovery and unbridled passion, their lives intertwine in ways they never imagined. From the first daring encounter to the deep emotional bonds that form, this erotic novel delves into the complexities of a trouble relationship.

Sinful Encounters is not just a story of physical attraction; it's a tale of love, trust, and the courage to pursue unconventional paths to happiness. Brace yourself for a tantalizing experience that will leave you breathless and yearning for more in the series.

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Excerpt from Sinful Encounters © Copyright 2024 Shay Freeman

Lily Hawthorne raised her wine glass, the crimson liquid catching the dim light of the bar as she leaned towards Aiden, her eyes dancing with unspoken dreams. “To us,” she said, her voice a soft melody over the hum of the crowded room. “To hitting our goals and to the adventure that awaits with our first property.”

Aiden, ever the more grounded of the two, clinked his whiskey against her glass, a smile playing on his lips. “To us,” he echoed, his voice a steady anchor in the swirl of their ambitions. He took a sip, the amber liquid a sharp contrast to Lily's choice of red. “I can't believe we're finally doing this, Lil. Flipping a house, making our mark.”

Lily set her glass down, her curls bouncing as she nodded enthusiastically. “I know! It's like all our plans are finally coming together. I've been crunching the numbers again,” she said, reaching for the notebook that lay between them. Its pages were a testament to their diligence, filled with figures and notes.

Aiden leaned in, his eyes scanning the figures. “Your attention to detail is something else,” he remarked, his tone a mix of admiration and teasing. “But you're right. The numbers look promising. We've got a good eye for potential, and this property… it's the perfect start for us.”

The bar's atmosphere was a blend of soft jazz and the murmur of conversations, a cocoon around their little world. Aiden's hand found Lily's across the table, a silent acknowledgment of the partnership that was both personal and professional.

Lily squeezed his hand, her gaze serious yet filled with excitement. “We're going to make this work, Aiden. We've worked too hard to let this opportunity slip by.”

Aiden's reply was a confident grin. “With you by my side? There's nothing we can't do, Lily.”

Their toast was not just to their future venture but to each other, to the strength they found in their unity. As they sat there, the bar faded into the background, leaving only the two of them, poised on the brink of a new beginning.

“So, what do you think about threesomes?” Lily blurted out, surprising herself and causing Aiden to choke on his drink.

Aiden coughed and cleared his throat. “Threesomes? Like… with another person?”

Lily nodded nervously. “Yeah, I mean, it's just something I've thought about before. We aren't getting younger, and I was wondering if you'd ever be interested in trying it.”

Aiden looked at her for a moment, processing her words. He took another sip of his drink and shrugged. “I don't know. I mean, it's not something I've really thought about before. But I guess I could be open to the idea.” He said giggling at the absurdity of what he was saying.

Aiden's eyes widened in surprise. He hadn't expected this from his wife. “Really? You'd be okay with that?”

Lily nodded slowly. “Yeah, I mean, as long as we set some ground rules and make sure everyone is comfortable with it.”

Aiden smiled and reached across the bar to take Lily's hand in his own. “Thank you for being so open-minded about this,” he said sincerely. “This is amazing!”

Lily smiled back at him. “Of course,” she replied.

As they continued to talk about the possibility of a threesome, Aiden couldn't help but feel a surge of excitement at the thought of sharing his wife with another woman.

“Who would we even ask?” Lily wondered aloud.

Aiden thought for a moment before an idea came to him. “What about Maddie?” he suggested.

Lily raised an eyebrow in surprise. “Maddie Bennet? Our mutual friend Maddie?”

Aiden nodded eagerly. “Yeah! She's always been really flirty with both of us, and I've always wondered if she'd be interested in something like this.”

“Plus, I totally want to see her tits.” He said. “You said she had work done?”

Lily considered his words for a moment before nodding. “Okay, yeah. I could see that. She's definitely attractive, and I think we would all be comfortable with each other.”

“She'd probably be good for a titty fuck for you.” Lily said encouragingly.

Aiden's heart raced at the thought of his wife and their friend together in bed. He couldn't wait to make it a reality.

“Should we ask her now?” he suggested.

Lily hesitated for a moment before asking. “Oh my god, are you serious?”

Aiden pulled out his phone and sent a text to Maddie, asking if she would be interested in joining him and Lily for a threesome.

“Oh my God, I can't believe you just did that.” She said.

As they waited for Maddie's response, Aiden and Lily continued to talk about what a threesome might look like for them. They discussed their boundaries, desires, and concerns, making sure to communicate openly and honestly with each other.

Almost instantly, Aiden's phone buzzed with a response from Maddie.

“I'd love to,” it read. “When are you free?”

Aiden showed the message to Lily, who smiled nervously, not prepared for that to go over as easily as it did. “Well, it looks like we have our answer,” she said.

Aiden grinned back at her as he typed out a response to Maddie, setting up a time for them all to meet and discuss the details further.

“See.” He said. “I could just tell that about her.”

As they finished their drinks and headed home for the night, Aiden couldn't help but feel grateful for his open- minded wife and their adventurous friend. He knew that this was going to be an experience they would never forget.

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