Come Hither by Serenity Lane


Come Hither will take you on a whirlwind of fantasies. Starting in sensual desires, and intimacies. Tapping into the most vulnerable parts that we don't dare speak.

Those whispers that haunt our minds of hidden needs. Spreading us open into erotic and primal instincts, and dirty secrets that stimulate our goosebumps—singing the songs of our hearts.

Here Serenity Lane taps into every part that is more than just erotic. Teasing your mind till you are on the edge of your seat begging for the short stories nudging you into the dark and leaving you tingling with only your mind.

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Excerpt from Come Hither © Copyright 2024 Serenity Lane

Darkness keeps our secrets in hidden passages.
Where we reminisce and capture a visual.
A lust for your hands grazing my face. Turning blush as your grip took a tour of my curves. Being tied by my aroma and freezing in time. At a standstill as our lips brush.
Getting a taste of hidden Inhibitions. My body is begging for more. Looking for a way to push and you to pull me in.
Dripping in my imagination wondering how far we could have pushed, and what doors could have been opened. I lost my ability to speak when my body was submitting without my permission.

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